Friday, 29 August 2014

Review | Ipanema Flip-Flops

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Ahh summer… or what is left of English summer.

Obviously, summer means (possible) sun, warm weather, fashion and some awesome flip-flops to rock on the beach. Well, look no further because Ipanema had me covered this summer with a pair of their awesome Orange Aztec flip-flops. 

I'll be honest and say that until now I had never heard of Ipanema, but some of pieces in their recent collection are truly beautiful. I picked out these amazing ones because of their vibrant colours and interesting print. The Aztec print trend isn't as strong as it was, but it's still one of my favourites. Ipanema took a very bright twist on Aztec print with these, as they did with the other options available. 

I have big feet [sigh], so I opted for the size 7, which actually doubled as a 7/8 (UK size), as Ipanema suggested getting a size bigger than usual. They are not as lightweight as your usual flip-flops, which I actually liked because I often find these types of shoes too flimsy. This gave them a little weight and durability. Saying this, the shoes aren't heavy, but have just that little extra weight that others don't have. They would just as easily be packed into your beach bag without you noticing the extra weight. 

Size: Fits true to size. 
Ipanema does suggest getting a size bigger than you would typically purchase, which I would also strongly recommend. 

Comfort: Comfortable, but slightly tight around tops of my feet. This is perhaps because I have a high instep though, so these might require some stretching to fit more comfortably. I imagine these would fit fine around 'normal' feet, but the slight tightness at least provides a little aid in the way of slipping. All too often I find flip-flops slip off or just don't stay put, so that's a bonus. The actual shoe is flat so this isn't going to provide arch support, but they are great for just lounging around in. Soles also have decent traction, meaning you're not going to be sliding all over the place (hopefully). 

Overall, I really like these sandals, I just wish that the strap wasn't as tight as it is. They are going to need a little wear before they fit comfortably on my feet (as is the way with most of my shoes). But I really like the pattern and I can definitely see myself using these in the future. Perhaps when the occasion arises (aka, when I start doing fashion posts), I will include these. They're definitely a piece that'll liven up you summer/holiday wardrobe. 
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Review | Glossybox August 2014

So it's been a while… and I can explain! I've been working my butt off at work this week and just haven't had the time to write my review on August's Glossybox (to be fair, it arrived a while ago, work just, got in the way). But hey, I'm posting it now and hopefully you enjoy my thoughts on this months box.

It's actually Glossybox's 3rd anniversary, so there's been a fair amount of promotion and competitions supplied this month. In addition to this, my box includes a Glossybox collaboration product and a couple of full sized samples. All very exciting. Personally, I expected to see something more… extravagant as a result of the anniversary (you'll see what I mean as you read on), but I guess this box just didn't do it for me like last months. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review | Birchbox August 2014

It's the second month I've received a Birchbox, and after the awesome box I was given in July, I was really excited to try another box. This month is my birthday (sure, it's the last day - the 31st - but I figure I'm allowed to treat myself this time) so one more Birchbox it is! After that, I may have to consider dropping my monthly subscriptions for the sake of University fees… 

Wild About Beauty - Powder Eyeshadow (£13)

I think it's obvious by now that I really love these kinds of eyeshadows. (03 Aine) Is a really pretty shimmery gold colour (though the photograph isn't a wonderful indication of that) and the powder itself is really soft and feels nice against the skin. I really love the imprint of the bumblebee in the eyeshadow, which gives it a little individual flair as opposed to your average pressed powder. These kinds of eyeshadows are amazing for sweeping all over your eyes, and this one in particular reminds me of Bellapierre's mineral eyeshadows.  

Dead Sea Spa Magik - Shower Gel (£7.15)

Normally I'd be a little annoyed about getting body wash, it's just one of those samples I feel a bit 'meh' about. This shower gel, I'll make an exception for though. It smells amazing… kind of like the seaside, and I'm actually very excited to try it. Just as a side note: I do hope that the full size is a massive bottle, call me cheap but £7.15 is pretty expensive for soap. Then again, I would gladly pay for Soap and Glory (if you don't know, it's not cheap), so maybe I'm being hypocritical? Oops!

Sarah McNamara 
Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Microderm (£25)

Miracle Skin… hmmm, I could definitely do with some of that. Apparently, this is a facial scrub and when I tested it, the grains felt very tiny, which was nice as it didn't feel like a cheap sand scrub. This is much more beneficial to the skin as it will clean the skin more deeply and (providing you're gentle) exfoliate the skin very well. I'm really excited to try the product, and judging from the price, this promises to be a really great product. (fingers crossed!)

Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum (£6.50)

Normally I'm not the 'hair gloop' kinda girl, but this makes my hair feel amazing. So far, I've only used this through wet hair but it can also be used to smooth flyaways. Personally, I've found it makes my hair insanely smooth, to the point that it's so sleek I can hardly tie it up! So if you're looking for something that's going to make your hair unbelievably soft, try some of this. It's not often I find things I would actually buy from samples, but I can safely say that I will be getting another bottle of this stuff, it's awesome.

Resist Me - Liaison De Parfum (£105)

I'm not going to lie, I find this utterly horrible. Resist Me? I could resist you any day. I was really excited by the appearance, as I thought the tester itself was much cuter than all of the others. The scent though is so strong that I certainly won't be wearing this. It reminds me of the perfume an old lady would wear… granted, this is a Eau De Parfum, so it's much stronger than a Eau De Toilette, but none-the-less I probably wouldn't recommend this perfume to anyone. As I said, it's a shame because the packaging gave me really high hopes.

Lifestyle Extra - The Proposal by Tasmina Perry (£7.99)

I've heard this title around quite a lot lately, but haven't really looked into the story much. I guess Birchbox went along the lines of 'summer reading' and luckily I can have a taster of the book so many people have been raving about. 

Overall, this box was pretty good. I personally preferred last months box (but then who wouldn't, that LAQA Lip Lube was amazing!) The sample sizes have been really decent, large enough to get an idea of the product, at least. I really liked all of the products… well, except perhaps that perfume! 

I think with the Birchbox, I have to mull over the products a little longer to decide whether I like the box. At first I was very disappointed, but as I tried the products, I realised this was in fact a really lovely collection of samples. :) 

And that's everything!

Tell me in the comments below what you thought of the box! 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Round 3 | Battle Of The Primers

Last week, I battled Maybelline against the renowned Benefit 'Porefessional'. So many people have claimed that Benefit's primer is a Godsend. It's ultimately, one of the most coveted primers on the market. Want to know my opinion of the product? You can read all about it here!

But what about if this primer is set against another this week?

This time, you'll see if Benefit can hold out against one of my very favourite High Street brands… 

L'Oreal - Lumi Magique Primer (£ )

Well, of course it was going to be L'Oreal…

I've had this primer for the longest time. Probably (definitely) way longer than I care to admit. Yet, whenever I use it, it never fails to impress me. Most primers look to cover or hide pores. But what if that's actually not an issue to the consumer? Personally, I don't believe I have very big pores. I'm almost certain I would know if I did, as this frequently comes with other skin issues.

As such, I've debated whether to battle these out for a long time. They have very different purposes, so I believe you can take my opinions with a pinch of salt, as everyone likes different things!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fashion Post | Bodypop Active

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

I'm giving you all your Friday Fashion post a day early today, and so without further ado…

With Cassey from Blogilates (Pop Pilates) releasing her own fashion/sports line called Bodypop, I felt it only appropriate to round up my top picks I've been lusting over since their official release. Sadly, my bank doesn't quite stretch as far as buying everything (I really want to), but I've honestly been  contemplating a couple of pieces (seriously… that jacket is so cute).

Cassey put bundles of effort into this line and even created a music video to go with the new fashion line. I'll link it to you here. I think the song is uber catchy and I'm hoping Cassey will do a workout video featuring it, as it's just perfect for working out to. 

So what made me pick these as my favourites?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Lipstick Love | My Top 5 Everyday Lipsticks

I've often spoken of my love for lip products, but I don't believe I've ever actually sat down and made a post about my favourites. Truthfully speaking, my favourites change frequently, but these are the lipsticks I've been sticking to for a while now.

Interestingly, it seems that all of my favourite lipsticks are very, very similar. Oops! I think it's because these go very well with my love of Rose-gold eyeshadow and bold eyeliner looks.

If, like me, you too love a subtle but beautiful lip colour, look no further because I've got you covered.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Round 2 | Battle Of The Primers

Last week I compared Maybelline's 'Dream Smooth Primer' against their 'Baby Skin Primer'. You can read all about my pros and cons of both products here. This week I'm going to compare the winner, Dream Smooth, with a new contender. 

And in the right corner weighing at… (I'm kidding). But in all seriousness, this week I'll be comparing it with:

Benefit - The Porefessional (£24.99)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Shopping the Makeup Sales | Tips & Tricks

1. Sealed, opened or tested?

Make sure the items are 100% sealed. Has anyone opened the product? Have others hands touched it? If so, chances are, you don't want it. The bacteria on others hands will contaminate the product and let's be honest… it's just plain nasty. While there are many who are courteous to not damage stock, there are just as many (if not more) who do. 

Sometimes you might be able to get away with opened products providing you're sure in the knowledge that they haven't been tried. 

2. Then and now?

What was the original price of the product? Is this a good bargain, is it worth the money? If you've had your eye on a certain product and it appears in the clearance, go for it! You wanted it, now it's even cheaper. 

Often stores like Boots and Superdrug reduce stock which is no longer sold off in the store and will sell it off for cheap. The typical going rate is half price, so you're sure to get a good deal most of the time.

3. Do you need it?

If you're hard up on cash the clearance can be a really great way to get the essentials you've been running low on (i.e. mascara or the ever expensive foundation), but if you're low on cash and you don't need to buy it - don't. 

4. Check out the other deals!

If 3 for 2 is happening on a brand, or even across all makeup, it'll be on the sale section too (more often than not - certainly in Boots). If, for example, Maybelline are promoting the offer, any Maybelline products in the sale will also be on 3 for 2. This is a great way to stock up on mascaras and other things you consider essential. Can't be without new nail varnishes? They are frequently dropped into the sale too. Which brings me onto my next point… 

5. Ask!

If you're not sure if it's on a deal, so long as you're polite, most people will be happy to help you. Be a nice shopper and you'll have a nice retailer response. 

6. Check the date!

While this isn't the case with makeup, other items (such as creams, food, medicines, etc.) are reduced because they are nearing their expiry date. Keep track of what you're buy and when it expires. For those who like dieting bars or protein bars, these are often reduced a month in advance of them expiring - keep your eyes out!

7. Browse often

New items are always being added and sold, what was there one day won't be the next and new items will take their place. The sale section might not have what you're looking for this week, but that doesn't mean it won't next.

8. Have fun!

The sales are a great way to try that shade you weren't sure of, or that brand you didn't know if you liked. If you don't want to splash out loads of money to find you don't enjoy a product, this is a great way to do it. 

What are your top tips with makeup sales? I'd love to know! Share with me in the comments below~

Friday, 1 August 2014

Fashion Post | Orient Blue

Orient Blue

Just a quick fashion post from me today. I love the painterly quality of oriental designs and what better time to wear them than summer evenings? Out of everything here, I adore the Kimono the most. It's such a simple piece, yet could easily dress up or down an outfit in an instant - it's a keeper!

What's your favourite piece? Tell me in the comments below! xx

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