Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fashion Post | Bodypop Active

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I'm giving you all your Friday Fashion post a day early today, and so without further ado…

With Cassey from Blogilates (Pop Pilates) releasing her own fashion/sports line called Bodypop, I felt it only appropriate to round up my top picks I've been lusting over since their official release. Sadly, my bank doesn't quite stretch as far as buying everything (I really want to), but I've honestly been  contemplating a couple of pieces (seriously… that jacket is so cute).

Cassey put bundles of effort into this line and even created a music video to go with the new fashion line. I'll link it to you here. I think the song is uber catchy and I'm hoping Cassey will do a workout video featuring it, as it's just perfect for working out to. 

So what made me pick these as my favourites?

1 & 6 - I picked both basic and bright shorts, but really, I could have suggested any of them to you. The patterned ones are so beautiful and I think it's wonderful that Bodypop collaborated with an artist in order to create them. All of the shorts (and all the other items from Bodypop) apparently have pockets and I think that is a wonderful thing as I thoroughly believe all items of clothing should have pockets.

2 - The leggings feature the same print as the shorts, but these also have sheer panelling on the outer part of the leg. It's a very fashion forward move, but I believe that the concept was to create breathability with the material as well. It would interest me to find out whether this worked. As a side note, the material is also designed so that no matter what move you're doing, the garments will not become see-through. What a wonderful move. No more awkwardly visible underwear moments for you!

3 - How cute is that top? I mean, your average workout top is usually just some old t-shirt but I'm pretty sure I'd feel like a princess working out in that. It's just beautiful.

4 - This is the item I really want. I need a new jacket but I'm really trying to justify the price of it [sobs internally]. Maybe with my birthday coming up soon I'll be able to convince myself…

5 - I didn't think I would include a sports bra in my list as I'm quite particular about those, but this one is really cute. I don't know to what size this caters for, so beware, but I'll be interested to see what people review about it. The cup apparently has a special shape to it, but I'm unsure whether this makes a huge difference, or if this simply pushes everything up a little...

If you're looking to purchase from Bodypop, I'd recommend getting in there very quickly because things are selling out fast. So many of the pieces I love are on a very long waiting list (which is wonderful news for Cassey, might I add. She's worked very hard towards this line).

Let me know what you think of the Bodypop range in the comments below! Will you be getting anything from the list here?

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