Friday, 29 August 2014

Review | Ipanema Flip-Flops

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Ahh summer… or what is left of English summer.

Obviously, summer means (possible) sun, warm weather, fashion and some awesome flip-flops to rock on the beach. Well, look no further because Ipanema had me covered this summer with a pair of their awesome Orange Aztec flip-flops. 

I'll be honest and say that until now I had never heard of Ipanema, but some of pieces in their recent collection are truly beautiful. I picked out these amazing ones because of their vibrant colours and interesting print. The Aztec print trend isn't as strong as it was, but it's still one of my favourites. Ipanema took a very bright twist on Aztec print with these, as they did with the other options available. 

I have big feet [sigh], so I opted for the size 7, which actually doubled as a 7/8 (UK size), as Ipanema suggested getting a size bigger than usual. They are not as lightweight as your usual flip-flops, which I actually liked because I often find these types of shoes too flimsy. This gave them a little weight and durability. Saying this, the shoes aren't heavy, but have just that little extra weight that others don't have. They would just as easily be packed into your beach bag without you noticing the extra weight. 

Size: Fits true to size. 
Ipanema does suggest getting a size bigger than you would typically purchase, which I would also strongly recommend. 

Comfort: Comfortable, but slightly tight around tops of my feet. This is perhaps because I have a high instep though, so these might require some stretching to fit more comfortably. I imagine these would fit fine around 'normal' feet, but the slight tightness at least provides a little aid in the way of slipping. All too often I find flip-flops slip off or just don't stay put, so that's a bonus. The actual shoe is flat so this isn't going to provide arch support, but they are great for just lounging around in. Soles also have decent traction, meaning you're not going to be sliding all over the place (hopefully). 

Overall, I really like these sandals, I just wish that the strap wasn't as tight as it is. They are going to need a little wear before they fit comfortably on my feet (as is the way with most of my shoes). But I really like the pattern and I can definitely see myself using these in the future. Perhaps when the occasion arises (aka, when I start doing fashion posts), I will include these. They're definitely a piece that'll liven up you summer/holiday wardrobe. 
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