Friday, 8 August 2014

Shopping the Makeup Sales | Tips & Tricks

1. Sealed, opened or tested?

Make sure the items are 100% sealed. Has anyone opened the product? Have others hands touched it? If so, chances are, you don't want it. The bacteria on others hands will contaminate the product and let's be honest… it's just plain nasty. While there are many who are courteous to not damage stock, there are just as many (if not more) who do. 

Sometimes you might be able to get away with opened products providing you're sure in the knowledge that they haven't been tried. 

2. Then and now?

What was the original price of the product? Is this a good bargain, is it worth the money? If you've had your eye on a certain product and it appears in the clearance, go for it! You wanted it, now it's even cheaper. 

Often stores like Boots and Superdrug reduce stock which is no longer sold off in the store and will sell it off for cheap. The typical going rate is half price, so you're sure to get a good deal most of the time.

3. Do you need it?

If you're hard up on cash the clearance can be a really great way to get the essentials you've been running low on (i.e. mascara or the ever expensive foundation), but if you're low on cash and you don't need to buy it - don't. 

4. Check out the other deals!

If 3 for 2 is happening on a brand, or even across all makeup, it'll be on the sale section too (more often than not - certainly in Boots). If, for example, Maybelline are promoting the offer, any Maybelline products in the sale will also be on 3 for 2. This is a great way to stock up on mascaras and other things you consider essential. Can't be without new nail varnishes? They are frequently dropped into the sale too. Which brings me onto my next point… 

5. Ask!

If you're not sure if it's on a deal, so long as you're polite, most people will be happy to help you. Be a nice shopper and you'll have a nice retailer response. 

6. Check the date!

While this isn't the case with makeup, other items (such as creams, food, medicines, etc.) are reduced because they are nearing their expiry date. Keep track of what you're buy and when it expires. For those who like dieting bars or protein bars, these are often reduced a month in advance of them expiring - keep your eyes out!

7. Browse often

New items are always being added and sold, what was there one day won't be the next and new items will take their place. The sale section might not have what you're looking for this week, but that doesn't mean it won't next.

8. Have fun!

The sales are a great way to try that shade you weren't sure of, or that brand you didn't know if you liked. If you don't want to splash out loads of money to find you don't enjoy a product, this is a great way to do it. 

What are your top tips with makeup sales? I'd love to know! Share with me in the comments below~