Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review | Birchbox August 2014

It's the second month I've received a Birchbox, and after the awesome box I was given in July, I was really excited to try another box. This month is my birthday (sure, it's the last day - the 31st - but I figure I'm allowed to treat myself this time) so one more Birchbox it is! After that, I may have to consider dropping my monthly subscriptions for the sake of University fees… 

Wild About Beauty - Powder Eyeshadow (£13)

I think it's obvious by now that I really love these kinds of eyeshadows. (03 Aine) Is a really pretty shimmery gold colour (though the photograph isn't a wonderful indication of that) and the powder itself is really soft and feels nice against the skin. I really love the imprint of the bumblebee in the eyeshadow, which gives it a little individual flair as opposed to your average pressed powder. These kinds of eyeshadows are amazing for sweeping all over your eyes, and this one in particular reminds me of Bellapierre's mineral eyeshadows.  

Dead Sea Spa Magik - Shower Gel (£7.15)

Normally I'd be a little annoyed about getting body wash, it's just one of those samples I feel a bit 'meh' about. This shower gel, I'll make an exception for though. It smells amazing… kind of like the seaside, and I'm actually very excited to try it. Just as a side note: I do hope that the full size is a massive bottle, call me cheap but £7.15 is pretty expensive for soap. Then again, I would gladly pay for Soap and Glory (if you don't know, it's not cheap), so maybe I'm being hypocritical? Oops!

Sarah McNamara 
Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Microderm (£25)

Miracle Skin… hmmm, I could definitely do with some of that. Apparently, this is a facial scrub and when I tested it, the grains felt very tiny, which was nice as it didn't feel like a cheap sand scrub. This is much more beneficial to the skin as it will clean the skin more deeply and (providing you're gentle) exfoliate the skin very well. I'm really excited to try the product, and judging from the price, this promises to be a really great product. (fingers crossed!)

Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum (£6.50)

Normally I'm not the 'hair gloop' kinda girl, but this makes my hair feel amazing. So far, I've only used this through wet hair but it can also be used to smooth flyaways. Personally, I've found it makes my hair insanely smooth, to the point that it's so sleek I can hardly tie it up! So if you're looking for something that's going to make your hair unbelievably soft, try some of this. It's not often I find things I would actually buy from samples, but I can safely say that I will be getting another bottle of this stuff, it's awesome.

Resist Me - Liaison De Parfum (£105)

I'm not going to lie, I find this utterly horrible. Resist Me? I could resist you any day. I was really excited by the appearance, as I thought the tester itself was much cuter than all of the others. The scent though is so strong that I certainly won't be wearing this. It reminds me of the perfume an old lady would wear… granted, this is a Eau De Parfum, so it's much stronger than a Eau De Toilette, but none-the-less I probably wouldn't recommend this perfume to anyone. As I said, it's a shame because the packaging gave me really high hopes.

Lifestyle Extra - The Proposal by Tasmina Perry (£7.99)

I've heard this title around quite a lot lately, but haven't really looked into the story much. I guess Birchbox went along the lines of 'summer reading' and luckily I can have a taster of the book so many people have been raving about. 

Overall, this box was pretty good. I personally preferred last months box (but then who wouldn't, that LAQA Lip Lube was amazing!) The sample sizes have been really decent, large enough to get an idea of the product, at least. I really liked all of the products… well, except perhaps that perfume! 

I think with the Birchbox, I have to mull over the products a little longer to decide whether I like the box. At first I was very disappointed, but as I tried the products, I realised this was in fact a really lovely collection of samples. :) 

And that's everything!

Tell me in the comments below what you thought of the box!