Thursday, 24 October 2013

A 'Haul' Lotta Stuff…

One of the best things about working in a store is the discounts… and I fully took advantage of my double discount this time round. In all honesty, I have never bought this much makeup in one go and upon arriving home, arms full of goodies, couldn't have been happier with my purchases and somewhat extravagant *coughs* (by my terms anyway) self pampering. So without further ado…

The first thing I picked up was something I've been desperate to try… and in dire need to get! I think I've been without foundation for around 6-7 months now and have been reduced to wearing either just concealer or occasionally my BB cream.

Maybelline's 'Dream Matte Mousse' was greatly talked about during its release, however, due to my lousy relationship with foundation (I'm just too pale for the stuff *sigh*) I personally never tried it… until now. I must say, I really like this one. It dries to a slight powdery finish and leaves a really pretty overall look to the skin.

In addition to the foundation from Maybelline, I also picked up the blush to match… again something I don't tend to do, as I am not only pale, but a constant shade of pink. But I figured 'what the heck' and got one. I tried a little and thought the effect was certainly nice - but I think a few more tries and a closer look at the product will determine whether I like or love the product.

Final Maybelline product - I promise! I also spotted as I was shopping the 'Colossal Volume Express Mascara'. I've tried a couple of the other mascaras Maybelline have to offer and (on the whole) have really liked them. I have yet to try this one, but I am hopeful it'll be a good mascara *crosses fingers*.

The next product is one I deliberated on buying for a really long time. I probably stood in front of the lipstick for a good, 25-30 minutes. Even before the big boom in dark lipsticks being fashionable, I've been dying to get one.  Eventually, a work colleague came over to me and told me to 'just get it' - so I did! And gosh am I so glad I caved...

Thus, the next product on my list is Revlon's 'ColorStay Ultimate Suede' in 035 - Backstage.

The lipstick is a really pretty dark-berry colour with a slight metallic sheen upon application. It's definitely not a colour everyone would opt for, as my sister hated it - but at the end of the day, it's what you like and makes you feel good. I like this lipstick, so I shall continue to wear it *laughs*. I will very likely be doing a more in-depth review of this lipstick soon - and perhaps some other products too~

As for my slightly cheaper purchases, I picked up Rimmel London's 'Soft Kohl Eyeliner' in white. 

Collection 2000s 'Fast Stroke Eyeliner' - a tried and tested cheap(er) favourite.

Toni&Guy's 'Dry Shampoo', because I like to use dry shampoo as a styling tool to give my hair a little more texture 

And Umberto Giannini's 'Salon Shine Glossing Mist'… it was reduced, I figured it couldn't hurt to try it.

And of course, last but not least - I got some hair grips! 

… Because you can never have too many of these babies. 

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any products you would like me to review specifically? 
Comment below! :D

~ Emsie ~

Friday, 4 October 2013

Barry M "Touch of Magic" Lip Paint – Is There Such A Thing As The ‘Perfect Pink’?

So when I initially looked at the bright green stick, I must admit, I was met with confusion… and a horrifically coloured lipstick. Who would possibly wear green as an everyday colour? Bright green, for that matter. I quickly learnt that this lipstick was not; in fact, green, but a blank canvas, as it were. One in which reacts to your own skin in order to create a shade of pink, one individual to each person. I was sceptical, but when I first tried to buy the product, it was actually sold out in all of my local make-up stores, so this, in effect, made me want to try it so much more.

How does it work?

The aim of the lipstick is to create the best shade of pink suited to your skin tone. The lipstick works by using Alkali levels. When the lipstick is applied, the chemicals in the product aim to react to the Alkali levels on your skin. By doing this, the product is able to determine, through these Alkali levels, what shade of pink is best for you.