Friday, 3 October 2014

Review | L'Oreal Color Riche L'Ombre Pure Mono Eyeshadow

I still consider these relatively new to the market, even though I purchased my L’Oreal mono-eyeshadow many, many months ago. Since then, I’ve experimented with this eyeshadow greatly and absolutely loved it! It’s such a beautiful colour that can be used as a base, inner-eye highlighter and has many, many more uses to be discovered. Today I'm just looking at one colour in particular called 'Gold Mania' (500), which is a beautiful and highly pigmented shadow.


The shadow is so vibrant and I feel that my photographs don’t do enough justice to the colour of the powder, as it is a true gold with underlying flecks of glitter. Granted, if you’re looking for a matte colour, this isn’t for you. In this case, go glittery or go home.

When it comes to the types of other mono-shadows in the collection, there is so much choice here. There are a total of 24 shades, and the shadows come in a variety of finishes; Nude, Matte, Pop, Smoky, Cameleon and Lumiere. The one I am reviewing today, Gold Mania, comes with a Lumiere finish (meaning light - as in 'lights up' - I believe). I think Gold Mania does a good job of living up to the name 'light', it gives a shock of brightness when applied heavily, and a beautiful inner glow when used sparingly.


The texture of the powder feels very soft and has a really smooth application. The effect can look very subtle or dramatic, dependant upon the tools you use to apply the product. I’d actually suggest loading your fingers with the colour if you want to make the colour really intense, however, this will leave a lot of gold on your fingertips – you have been warned!

If you want something that’s going to brighten your eyes in the most effortless way, this is 100% right for you. The colour is so beautiful and is something I imagine would look on all skin types. The eyeshadow looks nice even on my – pale, pasty – skin.  


The overall look of the product was incredible appealing to me. I loved that the mono-shadow wasn't just flat and boring. L'Oreal created textures to their eyeshadows to make them more visually appealing. No, this doesn't make a difference to the product in any shape or form… but it looks pretty, and pretty packaging is always going to lure you in. Fact. 


Each individual eyeshadow comes in around £5.49, which I honestly don't think is too bad. The eyeshadow is so worth the price and if you asked me, would I buy more? Heck yes, I would. I'm already eyeing up some other colours (perhaps I'll look for the more matte shades?) All I know is I want more. So many more.

To sum up, this is such a lovely eyeshadow and I would 100% recommend my readers try it out. There are so many shades out that there is bound to be one to match your tastes. If people are interested, I could put together a tutorial-like post to show you different ways of using these shadows (this colour in particular). Let me know in the comments below if you would be interested! :)


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