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Top 4 | 'All Over' Eyeshadows

If there's one thing I love more than anything, it's effortless makeup. Sometimes the morning just isn't long enough to do a full face of makeup and this is where my love of 'all over' eyeshadows comes in. By this I mean you can sweep these over your eyes, add a little mascara and you're pretty much good to go. Minimal effort, but looks very pretty and chic when done correctly. 

Over the years, I've definitely found my favourites and I'm always discovering more, but for now, I'll show you the ones I'm loving the most right now (who knows, Autumn could bring a whole load of new shades for my stash!)



I don't think enough words could describe my love for Bellapierre. Ever since getting this in one of my very first Glossybox's, I have adored this mineral shadow. It's such a soft pigment, doesn't crease on the  eyelids, is completely build-able and the colour is perfect to sweep over your eyes (it can also be added to blush and lip products - so it's a pretty well rounded product).

It's not cheap (£12.99), but a little of this powder will go a very long way and last all day - bonus!

This is definitely the most rustic shade of the list, but has a beautiful shimmer added to it, making it perfect for day and night. I'll definitely be using this more often this Autumn (as it felt a little too much for Summer) - and possibly be adding a few more to my collection as they have bundles of shades to pick from (I have beige).

Wild About Beauty


Next on my list is this beautiful eyeshadow from Wild About Beauty. Aine is such a perfect colour as there is an underlying warmth to the gold-toned shade, where many others are cool-toned. This is by far one of the most effortless gold eyeshadows I have come across, as often gold can look… well… tacky. However, this works well because of the slight bronze and metallic finish. Aine, unlike a lot of eyeshadows has a shimmer without the added glitter, so you can rest assured you're not going to look like a sparkling mess.

Wild About Beauty claim that all of their eyeshadows match any skin tone, and if this eyeshadow is anything to go by, it's probably true. Aine is an eyeshadow I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, no matter what their skin tone or type. If you love your makeup to be free of harsh and damaging chemicals, this is definitely the 'all over' eyeshadow for you. Again, their single eyeshadows come in at £13, which is slightly higher than your average retail price, but totally worth it.

L'Oreal Lumiere


I have two L'Oreal eyeshadows on this list (how do they do eyeshadows so well?). You might remember this eyeshadow from my review a little while back, and I had nothing but praise for this gold-packed little square of all things wonderful.

An exaggeration, you say? Blasphemy!

You can check my review out for the full list of details of why I love this eyeshadow, but to sum up; it's versatile, packed full of colour and pigment, it has an almost gel-like feel to it, making blending and staying power stronger than your average eyeshadow. If that's not a great mix, I dunno what is. To top it off? These have a huge range of colours (above pictured is 'Gold Mania') and are £5.49 per shadow - quite a bargain.

L'Oreal Color Appeal

Finally, if there's one eyeshadow I rely upon the most to get me through my morning rush of 'I have no tiiiiime!' It's this one. The dusky Rose Gold colour has been a saviour for me through most of the months, perhaps with the exception of summer when I like to crack open my bright blue Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadows.

Unlike the Lumiere eyeshadow above, this has a softer and more subtle starting point, meaning this is totally build-able. You can have anything from a soft sweep of colour to a full impact, dependant upon your mood.

Rose Gold has been popular for a number of months now, and doesn't seem to be any closer to dying out, so if you want a colour to transcend the seasons, 165 Golden Rose has you covered. These shadows vary largely in price dependant upon your sources, but typically come in around £5.99, which is a reasonable amount, considering the versatility of the product.

And there you have it, a list of four 'sweep and go' eyeshadows to make your morning routine that little bit simpler (and give you more time to sit with that cup of tea/coffee you desperately need to get you going - or is that just me?)

What do you think of the list - what favourites of yours would you add?
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