Friday, 24 October 2014

Review | Glossybox October 2014

If there's one thing I could say about this box, it's 100% worth it with regards to value for money. My Glossybox this month was packed full of extremely high priced products. I'm not even sure how Glossybox managed to pull this off, in all honesty. Sometimes they really like to surprise me with the sheer amount of high priced good they include - and believe me, it's been quite a while since that last happened. Often I find myself wondering whether to keep up my subscription and then they give me a box like this one and it rekindles my love for Glossybox all over again. 

Read on to find out what I got this month (it's a good'un)…

NUXE | Crème Fraîche de Beauté Mask

Full Sized | £19.50 for 50ml

Before I got my box in the post, I knew I would be given one of these Nuxe Masks. What I didn't realise at the time was that Glossybox were sending out full sized products of the stuff. For 50ml, it costs almost double the price of the box - if that's not value for money, I don't know what is. I have yet to try many of the products in this box, but it smells awesome (definite floral and citrus notes).

Nuxe's formula is 90% natural ingredients, which is quite good with regards to cosmetic products, and aims to reduce skin irritation, redness and rehydrate the skin. I'm definitely looking forward to trying this. In fact, I'm itching to try it this evening (… no pun intended).

So Susan Cosmetics | Flutter Mascara

Full Sized | £14.95 for 4ml

I've had a So Susan product from Glossybox before and although I was really thrilled to try it, it just didn't live up to the glowing image I had in my imagination. I honestly don't know if I was using the concealer palette wrongly (I don't think I was), but overall I wasn't too impressed.

Saying that, I'll give this mascara a go without pre-judgement. My eyelashes are so pitiful that I'll try most things that'll improve them. Once again, you can see how much value for money was in the box from the price of this mascara (also full sized).

Ciaté London | Paint Pot

Full Sized | £9 for 13.5ml

Sigh. It's such a perfect colour for Halloween (I can't wear it, but still, it's perfect).

Ciaté seem to be a popular choice to send out, as this is the second one I've been given, but I'm aware some people have three or maybe even four. They are such a well known - I guess you could say 'cult' - brand. I was shocked to find out, however, that after showing some friends, they'd never seen these pretty little pots before. I just love the design and innovation that go into these nail varnishes, if nail varnish wasn't girly enough, these are really chic!

So far, by totting up the prices of these products, my box has exceeded £40 already. What's that? There's still more...

Rimmel London | BB Cream Matte

Tester | £6.99 for 30ml

Onto the first tester product of the box. Rimmel London is such a well known high street brand, I was actually very surprised to see it in my box, as Glossybox more often than not opt for brands less accessible. I was pleased to see that the shade they sent me was the lightest. This is the first time I've been sent a foundation in a subscription box - that's quite a hard thing to match up - but I'm interested to see how well my skin takes to the product (I don't have a lot of luck with foundations).

Être Belle Cosmetics | Liplift Peel 

Full Sized | €12.95 for 15ml 

Être Belle is a brand I have never seen before, which is the whole point of things like Glossybox. I'm not altogether surprised I've never seen the brand, however, as this is clearly a European product and I'm not too familiar with things outside of the UK or US. At first I didn't really understand what this was. On the bottle it calls itself a 'lip lift peel' but in actual fact, I think this is more a luxury lip scrub. I've never really bothered with lip scrubs before, but perhaps I'll surprise myself and adore the results I get from using this.

This was the last full sized product from my box (and yes, that means my box was worth £50, a new high score for sure.)

Yves Rocher France | Quelques Notes D'Amour 

Tester | £33 for 30ml

Perfume testers are usually so boring - but how cute is this little bottle? Yves really gave their tester a unique touch by presenting it in this way (and makes me want the full size a whole lot more - sue me, I love good packaging). Quelques Notes D'Amour is quite a sweet but woody scent, perhaps because of the combination of Rose, Benzoin and Guaiac Wood.

So thoughts on my box?

This is by far one of the best boxes I've had to this date (and I've been getting these for a year, so I know a thing or two). I've been given lots of products I've never seen before and the worth of the box is outstanding. If Glossybox did this every month, they'd probably have me as a lifelong customer. The best thing? I didn't pay for this box! I used the Glossydots I earned from completing surveys to buy this which makes the deal all that much sweeter.

What did you think of this months box? Did you love it or hate it?
Comment below! xx