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Battle Of The Boxes | Glossybox vs Birchbox September 2014

As usual, I'm looking at which box I loved more out of Glossybox and Birchbox, granted my review and comparison is late (I'm trying - and failing - to catch up what I've missed lately). The September boxes were a mixed bundle of great products and slightly disappointing ones too. With these boxes, it is very hard to please a large number of people. My argument to that, however, is that the box-selling companies need to be a little more thorough with their assessments of their customers. If I could opt out of nail varnishes, I would. As that's not an option, I will continue to pass them over to other members of the family. One thing I will say is that in all honestly, I know exactly which box will come out on top this time. Here's why...


I'll start with my Glossybox and explain to you why I felt disappointed by it. Glossybox made a very big deal of the September box, proudly announcing its collaboration with Karen Millen. Despite this, the box was incredibly lack-lustre giving a mixture of cheap samples and ridiculously expensive ones that no one could possibly afford (well, without selling a kidney, perhaps).

I'd say that I liked two products out of the five supplied, which in all honesty isn't very good stats. Normally I like three or four products, but this was just a massive disappointment. I'll start with the products I enjoyed using: the brow gel and the hair oil. 

I noticed a massive difference in my hair instantly after using L'Oreals hair oil. It felt soft and sleek but 100% non-greasy. A greasy appearance has always been my worry when it comes to putting oils in my hair. It's certainly not a look that anyone wants to rock, so the fact that the oil didn't do this was amazing (on top of all the other great things about it).

The brow gel is by Model Co. - a very well known brand. I was given their mascara in my Birchbox, however was not nearly as impressed with that as I was with their brow gel. The gel isn't sticky and uses a mini wand to apply. It's quite easy to go overboard on the application though, so don't do a rushed job or your eyebrows might be a little too much. 

As for the 'bad' products (some of you might like them, they aren't to my taste though), well I don't need to say much for the nail varnish - though it looks a good make, I can't use it. The eyelashes were definitely too much. Way too much. I didn't think they looked as fake in the box but after applying them they were huge. As for the skincare samples (which were worth around £90), they were just disappointing. I was expecting miracles and it just felt like goop on my face, really nothing special.


Birchbox gave me such an interesting mix of products, which is probably why I feel more strongly about their box this month. As usual Birchbox gave a mixture of makeup, skincare, body care and lifestyle. Also, they were extra generous with their gifts, giving seven products instead.

As I started with my favourites for Glossybox, I will with this too. I loved being given the beauty blender, this is such an expensive product and you could really see the value in the box instantly. Just like Glossybox, I also loved being given another hair oil to try. I have yet to crack open the sample (mostly because I'm horribly forgetful), but I'm excited to try it when I do remember.

In particular, I loved the lifestyle products given. Dried fruit is one of my favourite snacks to eat and the packet they gave was thoroughly enjoyed by me and my family. The other lifestyle item was this photo holder. I thought this was such a cute idea (it even has the Birchbox logo), and once I've found a good photo, it'll be displayed in my new University bedroom! 

As for the products I wasn't so hot on: there weren't really any I could say I 'hated', as none of them were terrible. The mascara wasn't overly impressive and didn't do much for my lashes, but then, they are non-existent so I can't really blame the product. So far I haven't seen any results with the Benefit eye cream, but I'll give that a little more time before I say it's terrible.

So overall, it's pretty obvious I loved Birchbox a lot more this month. Typically, I find I love my boxes equally, but this month Glossybox disappointed me. Hopefully they redeem themselves for this months October box - which is Pop Art themed. Keep your eyes peeled for the review (and maybe some sneak previews?)

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