Saturday, 18 October 2014

Review | Birchbox October 2014

This months Birchbox is incredibly pink in theme with their awareness campaigne for Breast Cancer. It never really occurred to me that one little box could be so helpful in spreading such a large message. I honestly believe using Birchbox as a means to raise awareness is a wonderful idea. 

I really enjoyed this months box (not only for the theme) but for the colour - I like pink - and the products included. Some were a little on the different side, while some edge more on the traditional makeup box theme. Read on to find out why I loved this months box… 

Lollipops - Nail Lacquer

Full Size - £7

While this isn't exactly pink, the colour still ties in nicely with the overall theme of the month. I've never actually heard of the brand Lolipops before, but from first appearances I'd definitely say the colour is beautiful and the consistency of the paint looks good. While I probably won't get much use out of the polish, I'm sure there are several other people I know who would happily grab this up. The polish costs £7 which is a reasonably typical price, especially for a bottle of this size, so even though I'm not fussed over polishes, this one is pretty good value. 

Pixi by Petra - Shea Butter Lip Balm

Full Size - £8

By now I think it's pretty obvious I'm a sucker for good smelling makeup products. This is especially true for lip balms and products. Pixi is, again, a brand I've never tried before and I was very excited to give the product a go, especially after reading it had heaps of Shea Butter in it. The product itself smells wonderful and has a slight hint of colour, but one that matches closely to that of my natural lip colour. I believe that there are other colours in the range, but this definitely seemed the most appropriate for the theme. It reminded me of natural beauty and looking after yourself, two things we take for granted very often. Since getting this in the post, it's been the only lip balm I've been picking up, I'd definitely recommend giving one of these a go. 

I was really impressed with the amount of full-sized products Birchbox included this month. The value of this particular lip balm is especially high and you know with this months exactly how you're getting your monies worth. Birchbox have definitely done very well this time round. 

Balance Me - Cleanse And Smooth Face Balm

Full Size - £20

Balance Me is a brand I have encountered before, having had it in previous boxes (twice, infact). It seems that these subscription boxes really have their favourite brands to include as this is the third time I've been given a Balance Me product. Not that I'm complaining in any way, I'm simply observing. I remember being actually really disappointed the first time I was given a Balance Me body wash - those just seen so boring in a subscription box. As it turned out, I really liked the body wash and I had to eat my words. So while I'm normally complaining about getting skin care, I'm holding my tounge until I give this a shot - after all, I did rather like their eye cream as well! 

From what I can tell, this is a (very thick in consistency) cleanser but it's uses seem ambiguous - so I'll use this and hope for this best! The price is quite high in comparison to high street brands, but you are given 125ml which is quite a large amount (and will last you a long time!)

KMS California - Hair Play Playable Texture

Full Size - £15.50

This box was full of brands I've never encountered before which was really quite exciting for me because I love trying new things. KMS Hair Play in particular was very interesting as it has a mull-purpose formula. For wet hair, this product can be used as a prepping spray while in dry hair is good for adding volume and restyling. While I haven't yet attempted the latter, I really liked this as a prep spray. I do think that the price is quite high for something that could easily be found on the high street, but it definitely seems like a good product. 

Shaveworks - The Cool Fix

Full Size - £11

It doesn't really matter whether you shave or wax, bumps on the skin are always likely to form as the skin gets very irritated. I've never really considered products which reduce these, but the idea is very appealing to me. 

I was given a 29ml sample and it's 60ml for the full £11. Considering many people would apply this quite generously, it's quite an expensive product (for the amount given). In all honesty, I think this would be more of a product I would use when I was attending an event, as it's generally a bigger deal in those scenarios. Bumps on your skin aren't exactly going to look wonderful when you're rocking some killer outfit.

Lifestyle Product: Birchbox - Lipstick Pen

Full Size - £2.50

The lifestyle product this month was this birchbox themed pen, and while I will honestly say I found it a little gimmicky, the idea is cute. As with all the things in this box, the pen is also pink in colour to raise awareness for breast cancer. If the picture isn't clear, the pen is actually shaped like a lipstick which overall ties in really nicely with the box itself. Many other people, I noticed, were given the photo holder I received last month. Although I do like getting the birchbox branded merchandise, I always really appreciate the non-Birch products as they give me something new to try. 

Overall, my Birchbox has been wonderful this month with lots of new and exciting products for me to try. While I probably won't be trying the nail varnish (much as I want to - the colour is so pretty), I'm really excited to try everything else included in my box. I can already tell that I love the Pixi lip balm and the Balance Me face cleanser, and hopefully I'll like the other products just as much! 

What did you think of this months Birchbox? Did you think this was a good box or not? Comment below! :) xx