Wednesday, 24 September 2014

University: Leaving Home And Making A New One

A little preview of my accommodation (seriously, how nice is it!?)
Seeing Zane Lowe - Radio 1 DJ - Live

Today's post is a little different to my norm, and I'm sure you'll forgive that this once. As some of you may know, I moved away from my little village on the outskirts of Cambridge and moved to the big City of Leeds. As a result, my blog hasn't exactly seen much action lately, which I'm hoping to rectify once things have calmed down a little. 

In the lead up to applying, I think I considered every single University there was (yes, international too). I visited a couple of Universities and none of them felt right. After being accepted by Leeds, I went to an open day and I knew instantly that it was the right place for me. Problem with Art, there's a lot of room for the course to be based upon very little. Leeds had structure (and lots of shops *coughs*).

It's been really strange moving away from my little village to this big city, but I'm enjoying myself a lot and lectures start next week (eek!). So to summarise, no I haven't died, my blog just hasn't seen its usual love and care. I'll be back soon and hopefully all these makeup, beauty and fashion stores will bring me plenty more to share with you guys.

Let me know if you like these more 'lifestyle-like' posts and if you'd like to see blogs or vlogs (yes, I'm still considering videos) about Uni life.

Until then! xx

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