Thursday, 18 September 2014

Review | Birchbox September 2014

After what has been probably five or six attempts to photograph my Birchbox, I have finally done it! You might ask, 'why so many?' Well, various reasons, actually. Bad lighting (as is usual for the UK), I lost one of the products for a day (yes, that happened), my camera battery died half way through, I forgot about some products, etc etc. I can only really laugh about my misfortune, otherwise I might have to cry… kidding (kind of).

I really liked this months Birchbox, it had a massive variety of products, most of which I haven't even had the chance to properly try out yet. Birchbox threw in a couple of extras to this box as well, which was a lovely surprise. Read on to find out more…

Korres - Citrus Shower Gel (£8 for 250ml)

50ml Sample Size

I haven't even tried out the last shower gel they sent to me - oops! But this one really smells lovely. I let my little sister use some as it's quite a calming scent and she loved it. I still have plenty left, thanks to the generous 50ml sample size. The smell is very refreshing, yet calming. I'd definitely suggest this if you fancy treating yourself a little.

One thing I should note, however, is that when my other sister hugged the younger one before bed time, she had an allergic reaction. If you're really sensitive to these kinds of products: beware. She was finding it hard to breathe as a result, her skin was itchy and hot and rash-like.

Thus, lovely as this is, please be careful if you are sensitive to perfumed products!

Beautyblender + Beautycleanser Solid (£26 for Full Size)

Travel Sized Sample

Is it weird that the first thing I did was smell it?

That's probably really strange… it smells like lavender though!

This beautyblender is around the size of a small egg, comes with a little bar of soap to clean it with and is perfect as a travel sized item. My youngest sister loved this so much she grabbed it and hid it - one of the other reasons I couldn't take my pictures! The colour is especially bright and pretty, you'll definitely never lose it in the bottom of your bag.

Side note: One thing I tested as I was writing this blog is the feel of it on my face. I am very funny about having certain things touch my face. For example, I have a brush in my collection I cannot use because the feel of it makes me gag. This, thankfully, hasn't had the same result, so it should be good to use. I mention this only because I'm sure I'm not the only person who doesn't enjoy cotton pads on their face, and this felt somewhat similar… proceed with caution!

Modelco - Power Lash Mascara (£24 for 10ml)

Approx. 5ml Sample Size

Both my Birchbox and my Glossybox have given me Modelco. products this month. I'll be honest and say that I do prefer the brow gel given to me by Glossybox.

This is one of the few products I have tried properly in the box and it didn't really do much for my eyelashes. I have pitiful lashes as it is, and have many other mascaras that do a better job. Maybe this works really well on people who already have length to their lashes, but for me, £24 is a tad much for a product that didn't do a wonderful job. Oh well, better luck next time.

Agave - Healing Oil Treatment (From £16)

4ml Sample Size

In my September Glossybox review, I mentioned that both boxes had given me hair oils this month. I am totally converted, people. What has my hair been without hair oils? Dry. That's what it's been.

Okay, okay, I'll calm myself down. In all seriousness, my hair feels awesome since using the L'Oreal one and I am so excited to try this one out too. I don't know how different the oils are from each other, but I'm positive I'll see great results.

Benefit - It's Potent! Eye Cream (£25.50 for 14.2g)

3g Sample Size

I was given an eye cream in my July box so it was about time for a nice little top-up. This months sample comes in the form of Benefit's 'It's Potent! Eye Cream'. My last Benefit product actually didn't 'wow' me, but I'm hopeful for their skincare range so I'll hold off judgement. The sample size is pretty good in my opinion, giving me hopefully enough to see some results by the end of the trial. 

Birchbox - Happy Days Photo Clip

Urban Fruit - Magnificent Mango (£13.20 for 6)


I was given two awesome lifestyle products this month. The first was a Birchbox branded photo holder, which will look awesome on my desk in a couple of days time when I get to Uni. The second was a packet of delicious dried mango pieces. (Yum!) I do think that the price of the mango is a little steep for 6 packets, but ultimately, it's about what you're willing to pay for good quality food. I doubt I'll ever pay that much for dried fruit, but I'm sure others out there will.

Overall, I really loved this months box. There was such an amazing range of samples that I am so excited to trial and experiment with. While I wasn't 'wowed' by the mascara, it is a decent product and I love all the other products included in the box. I'd say disliking only one item is amazing, as it's very difficult to keep everyone happy with these kinds of boxes.

What did you think of this months box? Comment below! xx