Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bloggers Festival Part Two

As promised from my 'Blogger Festival Part One' I am giving you a second post summing up the items given away in the goodie bags at the event hosted by Scarlett London. I do not think I can rave enough about how great the day was, but here I'll rave a little more...

Firstly, Quiz gave out some beautifully designed cookies in the shapes of dresses, really summing up their brand nicely. Obviously, they weren't about to give away 150 dresses, so the cookies were a lovely thought. They also provided business and information cards to do with the brand, for anyone interested in learning a little more.

The gift bag Scarlett put together was absolutely my favourite. It was so varied and interesting. I was constantly pulling out item after items going 'Wow, a lipstick! Wow, face cream! There's still more!' It gave people a little taste of everything at the event and I thought it really summed up the day nicely. I've tried and tested that lipstick - which to me looks very much like a target board - and found it really interesting. I'd never seen a lipstick in that style before so it's certainly sparked my interest! The colour is a lovely plum shade, perfect for the upcoming Autumn trends. 

I have a real thing for small leather goods like these, so I did a little internal squeal when I noticed this in my bag. It's such a simple but classic piece and the leather feels amazing, much like all their other leather goods that were on show. This is a soft but sturdy purse, which makes it fashionable and functional - perfect! (They also gave me a vest top, which I forgot to photograph, so perhaps I'll include that another time).

The quick dry potion from Cloud9 was also really interesting. It claims to cut blowdrying time in half, which is handy for anyone in a hurry/those with very thick hair. I'll certainly be giving this a go to see if it lives up to those claims. To be honest, my favourite part is the shaking it up and watching it separate again… still very much a child at heart… 

Finally, I was given these nail wraps from IZ Beauty of London, and this necklace and bag from Very. 

I am always complaining about how I can't wear nail varnish because of my rubbish weak nails. These are basically the perfect solution. They are super sticky and require no nail varnish. You simply stick them on and file off the excess. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on the 'after' of my nails and if the results are positive, well, I've found my nail solution!

I really liked that we were given a reusable bag from Very, it felt eco-friendly to me, which was nice. The costume jewellery isn't something I would personally go for, but it's a bright and fun print, none-the-less. 

That concludes the goodies I was given on the day! Once again, I cannot thank Scarlett enough for the wonderful day - it was so much fun talking to bloggers from all over the UK and meeting some great people!

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