Monday, 8 September 2014

Bloggers Festival Part One

On Saturday the 6th of September I was lucky enough to go to Scarlett London's awesome Blogger Festival. Never in a million years did I think I'd ever get to attend one and yet there I was, mixing with the best of them. I met some lovely girls; Emma, Katy, Lucy and Cat (who all have great blogs - check 'em out), and in general, it was just a fun day.

There were so many brands that attended, spanning the interests from hair, to fashion, to makeup - meaning there was a little for everyone in that niche. Some of which include; Very, Ecco, Lee Stafford, Cloud9, Want Her Dress, Urban Outfitters and more.

(I do apologise in advance for the quality of the photographs. I had to make do with an iPhone - which is surprisingly hard in such a dark venue!)

Our first stop was to the Cloud9 table where we had our hair curled with some very innovative curlers. They each had a variety of barrel width and the heat settings were vastly adjustable. You could curl your hair on minimum heat, meaning far less damage to your locks. I had actually straightened my hair, so I probably wasn't the best to test these out on, but I'm definitely adding these to my wish list. 

It would be rude not to give a nod towards the co-hosts of the event, Search Laboratory, who specialise in SEO techniques (and without whom, the event couldn't have been possible). Alice, the PR Manager, was lovely to talk to and I learnt a lot from our chat. I found everyone was so friendly and welcoming, which really made for an amazing atmosphere.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen me post these cool bee-shaped biscuits. They were inspired by Bee Good's brand which uses honey in all of its products. Honey being a natural elixir makes the perfect choice for an ingredient in skincare. You'll see their products pop up in Waitrose very, very soon! I really liked the packaging of their products, which looked professional and quirky at the same time… how is that even possible!?

One of my personal favourites was the 'Want Her Dress' spread, which had a variety of their old and new releases. Carol and Chelle were both so lovely and explained that their brand is focused on helping girls of all shapes and sizes optimize their figures and look the best they can. This was so touching to me, as someone who really struggled as a teen to feel confident in what I was wearing. Definitely check out their website and I'm sure you'll find something you love. Those pink floral shoes are the bomb, but sadly out of stock in a size 7, so better luck next time for me!  

I had no idea until arrival that Lee Stafford were going to be at the event, but when you walk by and see such a vivid pink, it's a little hard to miss! I've been wanting to try their products for the longest time, just never really had the budget for it. What I've noticed is that despite the brushes being so big, they are actually really, really lightweight. This is definitely a bonus for the rounded barrel brushes, which are perfect for blow-drying, but would be a pain to hold up for a long time. From what I can tell, the brushes seem to be of a good quality, so they would likely be a good investment (I will update my opinion on that once I've had longer to test them out). 

Ahh, Urban Outfitters. How I covet thee. 

To me, Urban Outfitters is basically the weirdest and most wonderful collection of random things ever. One girl won a record player… and I seriously hope she didn't have far to travel, because that thing looked heavy! Their winter collection did look really good though, and I loved that we could take polaroids of ourselves, giving us a little interaction with the products.

(Wearing - Topshop Playsuit and Loafers)

That sums up the day for me! Overall, it was a great experience where I learnt a lot about brands I already knew of and discovered some new and exciting companies too. I met some lovely bloggers and it was just a wonderful day. I'm so happy I attended, and if there is another in future, hopefully I'll be invited to that too. ^_^

We were all given a load of goodie bags, so to avoid making this post longer than it already is, I will separate those into another blog post (for those who are interested!) The companies were all very, very generous with the things they gave away, and I am very thankful. I didn't really expect lots of free things (I just wanted to make friends, haha) but it was certainly a nice addition. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled, I will keep you posted!

Until next time

(Edit: Click here to read part two)

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