Friday, 4 October 2013

Barry M "Touch of Magic" Lip Paint – Is There Such A Thing As The ‘Perfect Pink’?

So when I initially looked at the bright green stick, I must admit, I was met with confusion… and a horrifically coloured lipstick. Who would possibly wear green as an everyday colour? Bright green, for that matter. I quickly learnt that this lipstick was not; in fact, green, but a blank canvas, as it were. One in which reacts to your own skin in order to create a shade of pink, one individual to each person. I was sceptical, but when I first tried to buy the product, it was actually sold out in all of my local make-up stores, so this, in effect, made me want to try it so much more.

How does it work?

The aim of the lipstick is to create the best shade of pink suited to your skin tone. The lipstick works by using Alkali levels. When the lipstick is applied, the chemicals in the product aim to react to the Alkali levels on your skin. By doing this, the product is able to determine, through these Alkali levels, what shade of pink is best for you.

Texture and Appearance

Personally, this product has quickly become one of my favourites, and is used on a regular basis. Unlike many lipsticks, Barry M’s has an incredibly smooth and moisturising texture. This was a nice surprise, as all too often lipsticks can look unflattering if the appropriate prep isn’t done. This lipstick certainly reduces the appearance of these cracks and dry skin, though this doesn’t mean you should skip on the moisturising stage altogether, by any means. The moisturising texture was certainly a nice and unexpected surprise. The lipstick as a result has a slightly glossy look; but this sheen is, by no means overdone, and is a very wearable, everyday lipstick.


Another wonderful feature about the lipstick I adored, was just how long lasting the product was. The lipstick claims to last 8 hours, but I can vouch that it sticks around for a lot longer than that. I have a 10-hour school day, there isn’t often much opportunity to ‘touch up’ on my make up, therefore, everything has to be pretty long lasting. I’ve typically found that at most, I’ve only had to touch up my lips once in this time, and often; I don’t even need to do that. The lipstick has a lip stain effect so that even if the product does wear, the shade remains stained on the lips.

The ‘stain like effect’ can be a double-edged sword though, as my only criticism is that when I say ‘this lipstick really lasts’, I mean it really, really lasts. Even when removing your make up at the end of the day, this lipstick is really going to fight to stay on your lips.

Story Time! I remember showing the lipstick to a friend of mine and she was amazed by the idea, and asked to try some. She, unlike me, did NOT like the colour ‘perfect for her’, which came out as a very, very bright – almost neon – pink. Not to say it didn’t suit her, but it probably wasn’t the best of times to try the colour, especially as she isn’t really the ‘pink’ type of girl. As a result, she tried to wipe the colour off, consequently causing her to smudge it all around her mouth (baring in mind, we WERE at school), and that lipstick was NOT budging for anyone. So there we were, in the bathrooms, with her looking like a neon Barbie version of the Joker – it really was quite funny, in retrospect.

Moral of the story, make sure you try the product before you buy it, because while the pink might be absolutely perfect for you, you might not be personally perfect for it.


Price wise, I’d say that £4.49 is very good value for what you are given in this product. The pricing is far lower than that of many other brands found in drugstores. I really cannot fault the price of this.


Overall, I think this is a wonderful product. I’ll admit, it seems a little on the gimmicky side, as there is very little evidence of this ‘personalised colour’. We did, however, in our house do a little experiment and tried the lipstick on all members of the family… yes, my brother included. We found that my brother and I resulted in the same colour, while my mother and sister had a lighter shade in comparison to ours. So I’d definitely say the shade varies from person to person, but I cannot say just by how much.