Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Style | Three Ways To Wear Maybelline Colour Tattoo

Someone once told me that I couldn't wear blue eyeshadow because my eyes are blue, apparently, it's the 'rules'. But I say that pretty much any rule can be successfully broken if you put your mind to it. So what is one of my favourite styles to wear? Blue. Liner, eyeshadow - I'll make it work.

These looks can all be buildable and I have focused very much on using the cream shadow as an eyeliner this time. I do use it as an actual shadow, but I adore using this as an eyeliner. It's so long-lasting and getting it off requires some seriously strong makeup remover! Ps. My eyelashes look a little on the terrible side because they've all been falling out. D: My sister took the photos for me, however, I'm pretty sure my eyes look like they're focusing on different directions (she wouldn't tell me where to look - haha!)

Just as a disclaimer, I have not filtered these photos as I want to keep the colouring accurate. The lighting did, however, change some of the images to look lighter/darker, so please keep this in mind. :)

The Simple Blue Flick

So here you can see that I've focused a large amount of product on the outer half of my lower lash-line. From here, I winged it out and added a small connection on the upper lid/outer third of my eyelid. While you don't have to add the liner to the upper lid, I would strongly recommend it (even if it's only a small amount). This balances out the liner and ensures the look doesn't seem too 'heavy'.

I especially like doing simple flicks of blue eyeliner on sunny days when all I really want to do is use some BB cream and brighten my eyes a little. It's a perfect because it's so chilled, looks very effortless chic and is very easy to do. Just grab a small angled eyeliner brush and flick away!

The Simple Blue Flick 
(1st Extension)

This is really just an 'add on' to the first look. If you're looking for something even bolder, you can line your eyes as you typically would with a black liquid liner. Yes, it's that simple. Here I just connected the line from the one already drawn and worked my way in to the inner corners of my eyes. 

Side note: I never realised how difficult it was to apply eyeliner once the mascara was already on! But applying eyeliner was much easier than trying to get a good close up picture with just an iPhone. Excuse any wonky-ness, trust me, it was difficult... I'll get better, I promise!

The Double-Layered Blue Flick
(2nd Extension)

If you really want to create something a little more unique, you can follow the first two looks, making sure the blue line is quite wide. Top this with a thinner black line sitting right on top of the lash line. 

I used the NYC liner that came with my Glossybox this month, but normally I would use a gel liner. The NYC felt tip dries quite quickly on the eye and can drag a little on the layer of Maybelline, so I would strongly advise gel or a 'wetter' liquid liner for a cleaner looking line. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo (in 20 - Turquoise Forever)

This look can really be varied to your own personal preference. Often, I point my flicks in a triangle upwards, however, I am also very partial to a flatter line to elongate my eyes. If you're feeling really creative, you can flick the liners off in separate directions, or even add a third layer (white would look pretty).

I will try to create a 'part two' perhaps slightly more focused on using this as (it's intended purpose) eyeshadow, I mean. Depends upon the feedback. Do let me know if this was helpful to you, or inspired you in anyway! Also, let me know if you would prefer a video demonstrating how I do makeup looks. I've dabbled with the idea of making videos in the past, but have never really had much response (positive or negative). Fingers crossed I'll be purchasing a better camera soon, and then perhaps I'll give it a shot! (Haha, no pun intended...)

Lemme know your thoughts in the comments below! xx 

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