Saturday, 3 May 2014

Glossybox Looking Back: Top Products

Over the months I've been receiving Glossybox (ever since November), I've accumulated my favourite products and my not-so-favourite products. Today I thought I would have a look back at the products I adored, love and still use to this day.

1. Yves Rocher France - Hand Cream (In Cocoa and Raspberry)

I think it's only right to start off with my very first box, the November box. I adored this hand cream from the minute it dropped through my door. It smells Ah-May-Zing (oh the puns…) 

I lost it for a month or so and was pretty sad that I couldn't use it. I haven't finished the product yet because I alternate with different hand creams but when I do, I'll be buying another one 100%.

2. MeMeMe Cosmetics - Beat The Blues (Pearl Pink)

My most recent addition, the April box gave me a really pretty highlighter that I've been using constantly. I really love the glow it gives to my face and even though everyone thinks of it as a Benefit knock off, I think it works wonderfully. 

I've glanced in the mirror at work and I've found that when I use this I look so much more alive than when I don't. Obviously I don't look dead if I don't wear it, but my face looks healthier and it gives my cheekbones that little extra 'pop'.

3. Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe - Stick It Up Gum

I wish I had more occasion to use the gum I received in my February box. It gives an awesome texture to hair and if you're going for that messy 'just out of bed look', pair this with some dry shampoo and hairspray and you're good to go. 

I really like using it when I've roughly curled my hair to give it some more texture. I'm sure that it would work even better with shorter hair with choppy layers. But I work with what I have. 

4. Bellápierre Cosmetics Ltd - Shimmer Powders

Okay. This is hands down my favourite product so far. March box did not disappoint when it came to goodies and I can honestly say that I wear this all the time. It's such a good shade to just sweep all over the eyes and go. Giving the eyes that 'my eyes but better' look. 

I cannot hail this product more. It's a mineral eyeshadow and blends in with other colours so, so well. I have yet to mix it in with blush or lip products (which it suggested on the info card), I'm perhaps not that adventurous yet, but maybe with time. Until then, I will carry on using it as my perfect day to night shade.

5. Sleek MakeUP - Pout Polish

Once again from the March box, I really loved Sleek's MakeUP Pout Polish. It smells great and feels super silky on the lips. 

I don't use it enough and I really should because it's just that lovely. It's pocket sized though so it's pretty handy to carry around throughout the day and use as required.

*Bonus Item*

Wilkinson Sword Intuition - Naturals Razor

If you look way, way back to my December post, you'll see how much I loved to prospect of this product and I can honestly say I've used it to it's death:

This is probably a weird one to add to the list. 'But Emily, what about the nice lipsticks you got?' I hear you say. Well, I'm lazy and I like anything that makes boring and bothersome tasks a little bit easier so this definitely made the list. End of. 

And that's everything! 

I'm looking forward to seeing what I get this month and hopefully May's box will bring more goodies to make my 'favourites' list. 

Look out for my review of it (which will come out late May).

Until then!