Thursday, 22 May 2014

May Make Up Haul

I probably went a little crazy on the L'Oréal front. 

I regret nothing.

First up! Rimmel London's Match Perfection (in 010 Light Porcelain)

This was the only thing that wasn't L'Oréal but, damn! Guess what? I found a foundation pale enough for me.
People do not understand the trials I have faced in order to achieve this. The long treks down makeup isles. I jest, I jest. But seriously, I'm pretty darn happy about it. Can't you tell?  

It's nothing fancy but has SPF which is nice (as it's sunny here in the UK - I know, shocker!) 
I'm certainly going to be looming around Rimmel's section of foundations a lot more frequently. 

Colour Riche

I had so much fun just taking photos of these lipsticks. They're so beautiful and I didn't even realise until I'd taken them home that the ones I picked were meant for blondes. So apparently I have a great eye and didn't even know (I'm blonde - in case you were unaware - and a genius, evidently). 

My selection was made up of two nudes and a bright: 233 Taffeta, 235 Nude and 373 Magnetic Coral. They are all such pretty colours and I can see myself wearing them all the time. Wait. What am I talking about? I do wear them all the time because they are amazing. Words cannot express.

Oh. The feels.

I also picked up some great eyeshadows after Ruth from A Model Recommends talked about one she'd loved. They are great and super soft to apply. I have yet to actually break into the greys/blacks one, but I'm loving the soft pinks in the other. 

And that's everything! 
I loved everything I purchased and can't wait to use these all more often!