Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Keeping Secrets

So shiny *_*

I got myself a diary. Yup. A fancy-looking one at that. 

I've always wanted to keep a diary, but I've always felt that my life is either too normal to write about, or that it'd just feel plain silly to be writing letters to a book. 

I decided, however, that there was nothing wrong with writing about the insignificant. So I purchased this really pretty diary off of amazon. The lettering on the front is an ambigram, meaning that you can flip the book the other way round and it will still read 'Journal' (which I think is pretty cool). 

The page edges are lined with gold and what really drew me to the book was the 'old' look it had. I don't really care much for the new looking diaries so this was basically perfect for me. 

What I do wonder is how frequently I will actually write in it. I'm not very good at keeping up to date with writing like with this blog sometimes so I can see myself dipping in and out in fazes of writing lots and then nothing at all. I can also see my younger sister trying to get her hands on it to read, so I'll have to find a good hiding place for it!

Overall I think it's such a pretty book. I've already written in it once and the quality of the book and paper were fantastic. I cannot praise those features enough. 

Tell me, do you keep a diary? Do you have to hide yours from your families spying eyes? 

Until then!