Wednesday, 7 May 2014

(Mini) Sports Haul

I've fallen in love with sports wear. 

There, I said it. I'll admit my addiction. Yes, I spend more time looking at all the pretty trainers than I do working out in them. But just look at them! They're so bright! So eye-catching! *swoons*

What with my recent re-uptake on the Blogilates bandwagon, I really wanted some of Cassey's own sports wear. Thankfully, she ships internationally and paying was pretty simple (which I didn't think it would be, paying in dollars and all that). 

I only purchased one pair of shorts because I wasn't overly sure about sizing but they fit wonderfully and I love, love, love them. When my purse looks more healthy, I will might get more. 

But no. My short short buying didn't stop there. One pair simply wasn't enough and so I then went onto buy two pairs of Nike shorts.

They are so bright and awesome and just love them *dies*.

I mainly wear these ones for the days I do cardio. They aren't as good as Cassey's for pilates (which might be because they are for running…) so these are reserved for the days I run and do things that require a little less stretching.

I did also get some 1kg weights as well (which aren't pictured). Those were a gift from my mum as a replacement for easter eggs. I don't like being given easter eggs so she tends to get me things on my wish list instead, this time, that just so happened to be weights.

They are awesome though. And pink. And you can get them here.

That's everything! Tell me, do you love sports stuff as much as I do? Comment below your favourite brands/places to shop (I'd love to get more - mwahaha!)

Until then!