Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Keeping Fit and Weight Shaming

I've been deciding whether to post this for while now. I wrote it some time ago and 'umm'ed' and 'ahh'ed' about if I should post it, or not.

So lately I decided to get back into my old routine of exercising, which I had to stop once I injured both calves and kind of… couldn't walk… at all. Definitely not an experience I want to relive. Perhaps I didn't do the workout properly, or perhaps I wasn't ready for such high intensity, who knows? But I can still feel the pain there months and months later and I'm way more careful these days.

So how have I been trying to keep fit? None other than the lovely Blogilates!
Exercise and I just don't get along, but somehow I find Cassey's videos bearable and dare I say… kinda fun! If you're ever looking for a way to have fun and keep fit, I'd definitely suggest giving her videos a go.

Unfortunately, with getting fit and eating clean comes two types of people, those who support it and those who don't. For example, my (immediate) family, while they don't really care for it themselves, support my efforts to become healthier (mind you, I never really ate terribly, I just don't like working out *lazy*).
My less immediate family, on the other hand, they are a different matter. Even before working out I've slimmed down a bit since leaving senior school and every time they come to visit I have come to expect the following words: stop losing weight. 

It's become even more frequent since I started my fitness journey and to be perfectly honest, it's very demoralising. I want to be strong and healthy, so I now decide to block out their discouraging words and focus on me and what I want. 

So what do you do in a situation like that? Often, I laugh it off and say I haven't lost any weight. Scale-wise, I probably haven't. That's the truth. I think it's just one of those strange age things where as you get older your face slims down and you automatically look slimmer. Weird.

So have you experienced similar problems? What do you do to to battle it?
Comment below! :) xx