Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Haul: Revlon, Real Techniques and Collection

Ohh, sparkles!

Lately I've just been like 'I'll just buy one thing… oh but I must have this, it's three for two'. I think I've got a problem. It's cool, I'm fine with admitting it. Can you blame me though? I find it outstanding when I tell customers who have picked two products that things are on three for two and they're like '… naa, I'm okay thanks'. Hello? That's something else for free you know? Someone please, tell me the logic behind this way of thinking because I can't wrap my head around it (unless you're in a hurry, I get that). 

Real Techniques Core Collection and Real Techniques Starter Set

I have had my eyes on these for the longest time now and what better time to get them when I knew I'd be getting something else for free. I know that for me, these are definitely pushing my 'budget friendly' boundaries and I wanted to wait until it was totally worth it. I cannot say I have been disappointed. It's very clear that these are way better quality than the ones I had before (the hairs would fall out, they were rough and eyeshadows would just fall all over my face - not good). 

But these. Oh gosh. They are so soft. I think I spent ages just swirling them around on my hands. They are so good (I think I'm in love - just a little).

So soft. Ohh~ shiny~

So I got the 'Core Collection' and the 'Starter Set' which really are just the bases for starting a brush collection. There's everything you need there and each comes in a little travel case that can be transformed into a stand.

These are definitely great brushes and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to build up their collection and have a few core 'go-to' brushes. They get a big thumbs up from me!

Real Techniques Stippling Brush (The 'Free' One)

For the 'free' item, I picked up one more Real Techniques brush which was 'The Stippling Brush' which aims to give an almost airbrushes finish to your makeup and make your skin flawless.

I haven't had a chance to try this one yet, but it definitely looks interesting and I'm excited to give it a go (though I really could do with more liquid foundation as it'd likely work better than mousse).

Revlon Colorburst 

How could I not get these when everyone has been raving about them? It would be rude not to.

As I'm sure many of you are aware Revlon released a matte and a shimmer set of these crayons and both of them have their own benefits. Therefore, I decided to give one of each a go. 

The shimmery one, for me, didn't last a long time and maybe I need to set the colour a little better or line them, who knows. But I cannot deny it's a lovely colour (Demure 105) and I can see it looking great on many people. I don't actually know if it looks good on me though. I didn't have an opportunity to properly trial it in store and I probably wouldn't have even if I could (ugh - have you seen the state people leave testers in? *shudders*) I find nude colours don't often suit me very well as I'm rather fair-skinned and the last time I tried a nude lipstick it didn't look pretty. Therefore, I figured I'd get over my fear of nude colours and give this a shot.

As for the matte one, it is a lot longer lasting but my very first thought was 'it needs lining'. I think because the colour is so, so, so vibrant, any mistakes you make show up very clearly. It's also possible that it's just one of those colours that need lining. I got mine in Audacious (245) and it's a orange-reddish colour. Very bright and will definitely turn heads. Don't make it for the wrong reason all because you didn't line those lips *winks*.

Collection 'Work The Colour' Nude Eye Palette

Finally, I couldn't resist picking up a little eyeshadow palette and I've been using this one quite a lot as of late. It has some really pretty neutral shades in it and is totally wearable for everyday use.

It seems to me this would make a great palette for someone who was just starting out with make up. The shades have numbers and the back of the box gives explanations on application (as many do). The colours mix really well together and there's plenty of room for experimentation and mixing and matching. The shadows have a fair bit of fall out, which would be my only real qualm with them, but otherwise this is a great palette (which I believe is only £3.99 - so cheap too).

And that's everything I picked up in March! It looks a little sorry for itself because I probably didn't get as much as I normally would but dang, those brushes are expensive. Pair that with a trip to Leeds last week and my pockets are empty. Hopefully April looks a little more cheerful.

Until then, farewell!