Monday, 28 April 2014

Review: Glossybox - April 2014

Unlike most months where I review my Glossybox the minute I get it, I actually decided to test out a couple of the products before judging the contents as harshly (as I tend to do). What with it being Easter and after having a pretty cool box last time a 'holiday' or 'event' came round *coughs*valentines day*coughs*, I was expecting great things. Many, many great things. 

I'm sorry to say that to box didn't quite deliver what I was expecting (Easter Eggs), but there were a couple of nice additions - so I really shouldn't complain...

The magazine and information card were so, so pretty this month *swoons*. I love the soft floral look to them and if the products in the box didn't give the impression of Spring, at least the photography did!

Right, first up…

TRESemmé - Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo
I can hear the complaints now. What's that in the distance, you say? Yes my friends that is the rage of many Glossybox subscribers being given a product, that last time (in the form of a shampoo), received nothing but complaints.

I personally have no problem with the brand. I use it to wash my hair with all the time. So although it wasn't some awesome high-end brand, I didn't really mind getting it. 

I'd actually run out of dry shampoo so I'm pretty pleased to be given this, actually. I like using dry shampoo to style my hair and give it a little more 'bed head' look so I'm never really that fussed about brand. In a previous haul I purchased a bottle of Toni&Guy. I probably would say I liked T&G more, but only because it did a better job of styling. With regards to making hair look 'refreshed', both were fine. TRESemm√© is simply a cheaper option to go for. 

A full sized bottle is 200ml for £4.99 and I received the 'travel sized' (100ml) which would be approximately half the price of the full sized (approx. £2.50) 

MONU Spa - Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil

This was a bit of an interesting product and typically I might have said 'no, this isn't something I like', but actually, with all of the working out I've been doing, massage oils are pretty welcome. Anything that relieves the ache of muscles are great, but my only qualm is that it never feels very pampering when you're doing the massage yourself. Sigh. 

A full sized bottle is £25 for 100ml which for my budget is a little extravagant, but the (30ml) tester is welcomed. One thing I will say is that it could probably smell better. My sister and I were mulling over what it reminded us of and we came to the conclusion that it smells very much like soothers (the lemon and honey kind). Weird, I know. 

So conclusion, they could have picked a better smell, but oh well. 

MeMeMe Cosmetics - Beat The Blues (Pearl Pink)

What's that? More cries of the unsatisfied customer? By this point I think that other Glossybox receivers will have practically pulled their hair out with disappointment. 

MeMeMe is commonly referred to as the 'knock off Benefit impostor'. But you know what? I tried this product before judging it too harshly and I really quite liked it actually. I received the full sized (£5.50 for 12ml) and I can safely say that you'd get more than your monies worth. Considering they advise to 'dot sparingly', this would last ages. I've been popping this along my cheekbones and I can say that I've definitely noticed that they look more raised and I have a pretty sheen along them when the light catches my skin - very nice! 

The only thing I could say constructively to Glossybox would have been that, considering the warmer weather is upon us, surely a more sunlight toned shade would have been more appropriate? Something a little golden perhaps?

Of course, being as pale as I am (and pink toned) this was probably the better pick for me. But I've been trying to look like the sun has at least reached me in my dark hiding place a little so a warmer colour wouldn't have gone amiss either. 

(The Tester) Unica Cosmetics - Radiance Plus

I can't deny that this is probably my real 'disappointment' product. There will always be one in every box as it simply isn't possible to please every person. The tester product do usually take the place for 'most disliked', and whether that is because they don't seem valuable or because I don't suit them is still a mystery. I did really like last months testers, which you can read about in my previous post here.

As for this tester, it claims to use 100% natural ingredients (so perfect for you 'all natural' fans out there), and claims to dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What are you saying Glossybox? I might be turning 20 this year but, honestly, does that constitute giving me ageing cream? (I kid, I kid).

I must say though, I quite literally just let my mum see this tester and she loved it. Her instant reaction was 'that smells amazing! If I give you my card, will you buy it for me?' 

I'm not even joking. 

So while this wasn't for me, my mum really liked it.

The full price for it is £12.95 for 50ml and with the discount code Glossy15 we got 15% off, which was nice (totalling £14 w/ P&P).

EMITE MAKE UP - Lip Brush (L312)

Finally, the super-duper expensive product in the batch. 

EMITE is another returning brand and in November, my very first ever Glossybox, I was given an eyeshadow which I still use often and really enjoy. So I know I like the brand a little at least. 

Lip brushes aren't really something I get that excited about as I'm often happy to just apply lip products without a brush. I haven't tried this product and I'm not really sure when I'll have the opportunity to, but all I can say is it is so overpriced. This one brush is worth £17. That's almost as much as a box of Real Techniques brushes. It certainly covers the expense of the box, that's for sure. 

The other products are practically 'add ons', and I wonder whether that is why the rest of the box appears to be a little 'meh'.

It definitely looks like a lovely brush and I'm happy to be getting my monies worth, so I do hope I end up using it. Instead of it collecting dust at the back of my wardrobe.

Overall, I'd say that this months Glossybox has been neither here nor there in regards to it's 'wow' factor, but there are some products in there (like the MeMeMe highlighter) I can see myself using on a regular basis, which is encouraging.

So what did you think of this months Glossybox? I've been debating whether to switch to a different subscription box and if so, does anyone have recommendations? :)