Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Review: Glossybox - March 2014

With the warmer days approaching and the days gradually becoming longer and lighter, this month Glossybox has a definite node towards Springs approach. It's seemed unlikely that the cold would shake, but lately we've had weather in the UK that is almost, dare I say, Summer temperatures. I know. It sounds crazy to even me. But when I'm actually having to walk to work with no coat (nope not even a cardigan) it definitely makes me hopeful. 

The March box, for me, seemed to be full of (with one exception) soft colours and pretty fragrances - very Spring. It was certainly something I expected and I'm really looking forward to trying out the products for myself *smiles*.

Bellápierre Cosmetics Ltd - Shimmer Powders 

If you can't already tell, Bellápierre's powder is, in fact, mineral makeup. I think that for me, as I've never actually tried mineral makeup before, this is a wonderful opportunity to experiment with it a little. The description makes the product seem hugely versatile, claiming that not only can it be used as an eyeshadow, it can be mixed in with blush, nail varnish or lipgloss. It's practically a little magical pot of (full sized) gold.

I received the colour 'Beige' which is a beautiful shimmery apricot-coppery colour and perfect for transitioning into Spring with. Above you can see a swab of the colour on my wrist. The powder itself is incredibly soft and totally buildable. You could likely have anything from a light dusting to a full impact wash of colour. 

As the card says, you can actually find out more on how to use the product at the Bellápierre website, and considering the £12.99 price tag, I'd say it was a bargain to get this in my box (though it's possibly not so 'purse friendly' on a regular day). They have a massive range of colours and on this product alone, I give Glossybox a massive thumbs up for this one.

Juicy Couture - Malibu Collection

Of course, Glossybox cannot go without its testers, and this month I received two - really nice - fragrance samples. I would have thought that when it comes to perfume they'd probably only give the one, but I guess they felt generous because I have two to compare. 

Of the two, I would say that 'Couture La La' (the pink one) is my favourite. It's a scent that I could see myself wearing on a day to day basis and is very light, sweet and girly once it settles a little. It uses 'sparkling mandarin and sweet pink sugar' and doesn't feel overpowering like many fragrances out there. 

I like when you can get a hint of a perfume throughout the day, rather than choking on whatever toxic scent the person near you has slathered all over themselves. I think that's a rant for another day, but you really wouldn't believe how crazy some customers go with the perfume samples *chokes to death*.

In comparison, 'Juicy Couture Malibu' (the orange one) is very citrusy and almost oriental scent (to me, at least) and uses 'pink passion fruit and jasmine'. It's the kind of scent that would probably be perfect in the evening, especially if you wanted to feel a little... seductive, actually.

Overall, I really like both but I do prefer the sweeter of the two. I think actually purchasing them would have to be on my birthday list though as at £47 for 75ml, these fragrances do not come cheap. 

Dove Hair Therapy - Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot

This was my 'exception' product, which didn't really fit into the smell/colour theme of Spring Glossybox were clearly going for. At first, I couldn't actually believe this was a full sized product. The tube is pretty small (15ml) and instantly I thought 'that'll be used up all in one go'. Which I guess must be the idea. It takes a fair bit of product to cover even my hair - though isn't as long as some peoples. For you people, I sympathise. I'd be amazed if 15ml was enough.

20 minute hair care? Ain't nobody got time for that.

That's certainly not to say I do not like the product. On the contrary, I'm always on the look out for things to repair my hair, though I don't really have damaged hair, as such. I've only ever coloured it once and that was a dip-dye over a year ago now. It's just very… brittle. So perhaps this'll work well for me (though I do love my Philip Kingsley).

I get the feeling with this one that it is for the girls and guys who seriously cannot be asked to sit for twenty minutes or longer with a load of expensive gloop in their hair. And you know what? I am 100% one of those people so thank you once again Glossybox. You understand my laziness and have given me something very low maintenance (and cheap - £1.49). Hopefully, this works as well as it claims it will.

Sleek MakeUP - Pout Polish

Next on the list is the product I knew would be in my box, Sleek's Pout Polish. I think the first thing I should say is this smells amazing. Oh my god, I think I'd buy every single one of them just for the fact they smell that good. I think it's the combination of almond oil and shea butter that does it and you know what? Bless the person that made this because this is, by far, my favourite thing in the box. See that bolded, italic, underlining? You know it's serious.

Okay, I'll try and calm down the feels.

The lip balm is a very reasonable £4.49 for 10g and the pictures you see above are the full sized 10g product. It has SPF 15, almond oil, shea butter and a good helping of vitamin E. It feels really nourishing and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry and flaky after a couple of hours (looking at you 'Baby Lips'). 

I was given 'Bare Minimum' which is why it probably doesn't really look like I'm wearing anything, even though it's a 'tinted balm'. I thought that despite the name it may have a peachy tint… but I was wrong. Either way, it's a lovely balm and I would be interested to see what other colours they have, as I'm sure that they would be somewhat more pigmented than this one. 

Mitchell and Peach - Body Cream

Apparently, this is a 'Glossybox Premiere' - what does that even mean? 

Once again, going with the Spring equals smells theme, Glossybox gave be  Mitchell and Peach's body cream. According to the info card, the English honey, organic cocoa, vitamin B5 and shea butter is meant to 'leave you feeling as though you've taken a wall in the English countryside'. 

I'll be honest here, it smelt more like I'd taken a bath in Potpourri and you know who would love this smell? 

My nan. 

I'm not saying it doesn't smell great, it does, but it's without a doubt not something I can see myself slathering on after a bath. It is very English countryside smelling, but I think that Glossybox were possibly aiming at the wrong age bracket with this one. Either way, I think I'll ask if she would like it, because I'm sure it would be more appreciated in her hands. Though I must say, considering it's £36 at full size, this stuff has got to be great. 

Overall, I think it's been a pretty great Glossybox this month and I definitely got more than my money's worth. Did you get a Glossybox this month? What did you think of the contents? I would day it's not as  good as my February Box, but it's definitely high up on the 'best' charts so far!

Keep a look out for more posts to come soon as I have a fair few lined up.

Until then, farewell. xx