Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Review: Graze - The Breakfast Box

Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day. It's usually safe to approach me once I've had something to eat and a minimum of 2 cups of tea (no, I'm not a morning person). 

Lately I've been looking at alternatives to my blueberry-topped porridge and what better way to try something new than in a subscription box? By now, I'd say it's pretty obvious I love my subscription boxes… so I signed up to Graze Box.

For those who don't know, the graze box has several different varieties such as: the breakfast box, snack box, children's box etc. 

It aims to give great food with interesting and varied ingredients using nuts, oats, flakes and dried fruit. While some of the varieties aren't to my liking, a lot of them are really delicious. I eat the cereals with yoghurt, but that's a personal preference (as I'm not a fan of milk). 

The box is £3.99 and I'd definitely say it's a 'luxury' to have one every week. I'm certainly happy to eat the cheaper alternative of porridge. But this makes a really nice treat, and for those who would like a free first box as a trial, I have posted a link below so you can all have a freebie! :) 

So have any of you tried the graze box? What were your thoughts?

Ps. The sooner the porridge options are available, the better. Yes. I love porridge.

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