Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Review: Glossybox - June 2014

It's the middle of the month and that officially means that come 9am, I'm sitting in the kitchen with my cup of tea and watching the postman work his way around my street. 

Yup, that's right. It's Glossybox time!

Nail Girls - 3-in-1 Base/Topcoat & Nail Strengthener

I'll get the 'bad' of the box out of the way first. After painting my nails a few weeks ago and it resulting in my nails peeling, I gave every bottle to my sister. This bottle here followed suit and landed in her hands, not mine. 

Either I'm just really intolerant to the harsh chemicals in these pretty bottles of colour or someone out there really doesn't want my nails to look nice. Oh well. It wasn't a huge loss to me (I had a feeling I'd get another nail varnish this month). 

For those who are interested, I got a 10ml sample and the full size is 15ml for £13.50. This is by no means a cheap nail varnish and for those who try it: I hope it works better for you than it will for me. 

Roger&Gallet - Fleur de Figuier Discovery Ritual
(Shower Cream, Body Lotion and Eau Fraiche Fragrance)

Well this is new.

I've had my fair share of perfume samples now, but not once have I had it come with shower cream and body lotion as well (nice one Glossybox!)

From the packaging alone you know that this is going to be a fruity scent, which it most certainly is with the addition of fig and its Mediterranean inspired fragrance. I have yet to try the other parts of the samples, but I'm really looking forward to it and I'd definitely give this one a 'thumbs up'.

Price wise, as with any fragrance, it's not cheap. But you get a decent 100ml for £32 (perfume), 200ml for £13 (Body Lotion - very good amount) and 200ml for £9.50 (Shower Cream). I'd say that's good value for money.

got2b - Rise 'n Shine soufflé

This one I found quite strange, actually. Normally you expect potted hair products to either be hard, sticky or gloopy. Instead it has a mousse-like texture but is set as a cream (kind of like dessert for your hair). Though I haven't had chance to try it in my own hair, I'm interested to see what results I'll get.

It's worth £4.07, which is a decent price and it's nice to see Glossybox including both affordable products as well as the luxury ones you'll see below.

It's a shame really that I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair and styling. I only do something with it when going somewhere nice and even then, all I do it curl it a bit. I'm sure I'll get my use of this - I do hope so - because it looks like a really interesting product. 

So Susan Cosmetics - Concealer Quad

First things first - how darn cute is that packaging? I loved this before I'd even opened the box. 

I won't lie, I'm no expert when it comes to these kind of palettes. Mostly because my makeup routine likes as little fuss as possible and this is definitely out of the 'no fuss zone'. That being said, I'm really excited to try this out. I swabbed a little on my skin and it blends so well. So well. 

I think considering the £20 price tag on this, it was bound to be good and from first appearances, it's lived up pretty well. I get the impression, however, that considering it's worth so much it's probably one of those 'for small blemishes only'. 

Problem with that is, if like me, you consider your whole face one massive blemish… you'll be using this up pretty quickly. Hahaha… [sobs quietly in the corner]

Teeez Trend Cosmetics - Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush

Once again Glossybox have outdone themselves with this months products and given yet another (super) expensive product. Not only that, it promotes itself as a 'brush essential'. Which, by the way, is way better than the no-so-essential lip brush I received not so long ago. I want things I can use, rather than know it'll sit in my draw untouched. 

Price: 19 euros

I'm kind of seeing a theme with the pretty packaging. I love that the handle has it's own quirky design rather than your standard black. So cute! The quality of it feels amazing and I'm really looking forward to testing this one out. *smiles*

So that's everything I acquired in this months Glossybox. What do you think of my spoils?

Overall, I think I certainly got my monies worth and it seems to me that Glossybox are really looking to improve their boxes. One thing I do wish they would implement is a way of saying 'no' to certain items. Though I joke about not being able to use the nail varnishes they send me, it is actually quite frustrating giving them away almost immediately.  

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