Monday, 13 January 2014

Review: Glossybox - December 2013

Happy New Year!

… I know, I'm late… 

If dust bunnies could collect on a blog, well, I think I'd probably win a prize for how many could collect on my blog (oops!). So while this is a very, very, very late review to my December Glossybox, I still wanted to post it (as I actually had it ready to post when I received it, but simply didn't have the time). 

So without further ado…

The Glossybox this month came in a pretty and festive box, which I adored. For me personally, I found this gave it more of a Christmas present feel to it, and I almost felt guilty opening it before the 25th - hehe! As usual, the box came with five items inside and a leaflet to describe the products and give a price for reference.

While I didn't know what I would be receiving in my Glossybox, I knew that I would be getting some kind of Maybelline product and if you have read any of my previous posts (such as my haul), you will know that I love their products. So for my first item…

1. Maybelline New York Volum' Express Colossal Smokey Eyes Mascara:

In my Glossybox I got the mascara, and once I looked at the other products people have been given, I was happy to get this. Many other people were given the 'colour tattoo' eyeshadows and although I love them, I have quite a few. I personally get through mascaras fairly quickly so I was glad to get something I would actually use. One thing I would question, however, is how exactly this creates a smokey eye effect? When I used it, it seemed to me that it was just like any other volume mascara *shrugs*. This product comes in at the average price range of £7.99, which I would probably expect of any half decent mascara, so I think it's fair to say that it's a pretty good price. 

2. Seche Nail Laequer

Similar to my last Glossybox review, the nail product it probably the one I am least thrilled by. As someone who doesn't wear nail varnish (it causes all sorts of problems for my nails), I know very well I won't be using the product. Which is a shame because at £9.95, it's a fairly pricey nail varnish! The shade I got in my Glossybox was called 'Porcelain II' which is an off-white pinkish colour. It's something I imagine would look lovely as a French manicure, but sadly I won't be using it. 

3. Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Nude Lip Gloss

Just as it says on the description card, this lipgloss isn't sticky and is such a lovely shade. I imagine it would probably look pretty on anyone who wore it, because although it is called 'nude' it doesn't have the washed out flat look that so many of the lipstick counterparts have. I am not typically a wearer of lip glosses, but I think this product may have just made me one! The size of this was 4ml which is half the size of the 8 ml original, which is priced at £12. As lip glosses go, perhaps it's slightly above budget for some, but I can testify that it's worth the price tag.

4. Wilkinson Sword Intuition - Naturals Razor

So I think I've come to the conclusion that perhaps Glossybox really does like to throw in the odd wacky gift each month. Last month I got foot scrub, this month I get a razor. Interesting...

To be fair to Glossybox, of all the razors they could have put in, they probably picked one of the most awesome. This razor is surrounded by a bar of soap (sadly I can't seem to detach it, which would be the only improvement I would recommend). The idea is that it makes shaving less of a chore as all you need to do is wet the razor and start shaving. As you shave, the soap lathers on your skin and you're basically done. Translation: It's for lazy people like me who think of shaving as the biggest chore. 

Verdict: A huge thumbs up because my life has now been made that little bit more easy and a little bit more lazy - super. 

5. Yin Yang Skincare - Rich Skin Food

So this was an interesting one as in the box we were given two small samples of a product, which, at it's full size would amount to £19.50 (woaaah). However! Later that week, I actually got an email from the company saying that some of the samples were out of date. Because of this, the company issued replacements to all of the recipients of the samples. Instead of being given the same samples, the company gave us…

THIS. (Dun. Dun. Dun!) 

Personally, I thought this was way better, and I was thrilled about getting this in the post. Customer service wise, they were amazing. It's not everyday a company will give out cute travel sized packs of their products simply because an ingredient was out of date (which they stated would have had no effect on the skin, only the quality of the moisturiser). 

Overall, I was pretty impressed with last months Glossybox, and cannot wait for this months to arrive (which should be in the next couple of days). The box had a mixture of products I knew well, some new brands to try out and some simply wacky stuff, which I adore. 

~ Emsie ~