Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Off The Runway: The Futuristic Sixties

(*wipes dust*)
It's been a pretty long time since I last posted anything to my blog, and I had actually intended on posting this last week. However, bad news kinda got in the way. So although it's a little late…

This season seems to be all about perfect skin, dark lips and (my personal favourite):

The Reinvention of 'The Sixties Liner'

Sixties makeup is an iconic look, and one that comes around time and time again. Somehow, the look never seems to get dull, but this is perhaps due to the constant reinventions of classic looks. This season, the runway was full of new and creative takes on the style, but what really stood out to me was the bold graphic liners many brands such as Dior, Rag and Bone and Anna Sui were sporting.

Anna Sui

Each brand made their own stamp on the classic style. While some were more inventive, others stayed much truer to their sixties roots. Personally, I found Anna Sui's makeup had a very 'Twiggy' feel to it, with its defined liner and thick markings on the lower lash line. There are very obvious influences in the makeup, paired with some of this seasons other trends, such as flawless skin and defined brows. 

Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone, on the other hand, used liner very close to the models eye crease. Similarly to Anna Sui, they paired the look with the seasons must have defined brows. The defined lines on the models face really draw in the viewers eyes, but I do wonder how wearable this is for the ordinary person. 


Dior took an entirely different turn with their look. Instead of the classic bold black liner, silver was used. This created, arguably, the most futuristic look of all the graphic liners present.

To me, this is probably one of the most beautiful. The simplicity of the lines combined with ombre petal stained lips created an almost romantic twist, softening the look considerably. I cannot say that this is a look I'd opt for everyday, but I'd definitely consider this look for parties and outings. This is a look that works beautifully with the right reflection, making use of clever lighting to accentuate the eyes and detailing. 

Overall, I personally find the Anna Sui the most transferable to everyday wear, while I find the Dior makeup far more suited for 'going out' or to be used in conjunction with a black liner. I can't see myself ever sporting the Rag & Bone look as for me it's too "out there", I'd say it's best suited to the runway. 

Of course, this cannot be said without having tried a couple of the styles myself. So without further ado...

My (Failing) Attempts

My attempt at it is no where near as beautiful as those on the runway, but hey, I tried!

The Basic: 

For me, this one is probably one I could see myself wearing on a day to day basis. Pretty and sharp lines with enough edge to give a bold, dramatic, "I mean business" look.

The Dotty:

Here I simply built on top of what I had already, but like the Anna Sui line, added dots along my waterline (though the picture maybe isn't the best at showing that - oops). To make mine slightly different, I made my lines decrease in size as I moved inwards. Somewhat more daring, but still very wearable. Perhaps not something, however, to everyones taste…

The… Fail?

As I said before, I think I'll be taking a miss with Rag & Bone's makeup this season. Not only is it not exactly my cup of tea… I fail epically at replicating it. Oh dear…

One thing I will say is I admire the ability to draw eyeliner 1.5 − 2cms too high. Definitely not easy. For now, I'll stick to just above my eyelashes. I think I have that pretty much down - haha!


Well, that's my take on The Futuristic 60s. I certainly hope to see more dramatic graphic liners in the future

(It splogged *sobs*)

What are your thoughts on this trend? Will you be wearing it, or sticking to a more classic look this season?
Comment below!

~ Emsie ~