Monday, 18 November 2013

Review: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede

I promised in an earlier post that I would review a couple of items I purchased in my haul a while back and the first item on my list is...

Revlon's Colorstay Lipstick:
Texture and Appearance

When applying the lipstick, the product is very smooth, though I would say that it requires being built up to achieve the best colour (otherwise it has a more 'stain like' effect). Another thing I should mention is that you must, must, must! Keep your lips moisturised before using this. If your lips are dry, this product is very unforgiving and it will show. 

Once the product dries, however, I personally found my lips felt very sticky. I've never experienced this with a lipstick before, and I can't really say it's something I want in a lipstick - so maybe Revlon have a little improving in that department. Otherwise, the colour is really nice (I have 'Backstage' or '035'). There isn't a huge range of colours just yet, but perhaps they will in time. The colours they do have, on the other hand, I don't think will be to everyones taste and I would definitely recommend people try them before purchasing. My sister, for example, absolutely hates this colour I have, while I love it. Each to their own, I guess. 

Product Appearance and Application

Revlon's lipstick for the ColorStay series is shaped slightly differently from your average lipstick. It looks more like a lip balm with a slant. For me, this made it harder to apply at first, as I've never been one for lipsticks shaped this way. I did find the overall appearance of the packaging a little disappointing. It's very plastic and if you're looking for aesthetically pleasing products, this isn't for you.

What I did find was that because the shape is much fatter, it almost makes you apply the product outside of the line you might typically go. This creates a much fuller lip and would be something I'd probably recommend to those looking to get this 'fuller' appearance. I'm not saying you'll have a whole new set of lips, but it'll help if you're conscious of 'thinner' shaped lips (as I know some people are).


 I think with the name 'ColourStay', you would hope that this had some serious staying power. It's in the name! 

I personally found that the lipstick stays on really well around the outer part of my lips. The only downside is it seems to rub off where my lips touch a little too quickly and with such a dark shade, it's super noticeable. Out of ten, I'd give it a 6.5, whereas I'd hoped to give it at least an 8 (it is called ColorStay, after all). 


Revlon's lipstick will set you back around £8.99 (depending on the deals at the time), so for some this might be a little in the pricy region. I'd say, if you love the product, it's definitely a good investment. I like the lipstick, but unless they changed the formula to a less sticky consistency, I probably won't be getting another, which is a shame, as I really like the colour I have!


 The positives are it's a great lipstick in regards to colour and giving you a fuller set of lips.
Downside? The product felt sticky and rubbed off faster than I would have hoped.

So tell me, have any of you tried the product (and what did you think)? :)


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