Wednesday, 6 November 2013

An 'Eat Me' to Storenvy

Hello Fellow Wandering Friends!

Today I would like to briefly talk about a website called Storenvy, and talk about a few exciting updates! 

So firstly:

For those of you who are not well aquatinted with the site, it has a very similar feel to that of Etsy, where members sell various things, from music to clothes to handmade crafts. 

What I really liked about this website was the user friendly nature, and interest catered features which suggest stores that might interest you particularly. It seems to me that this site really would appeal to those who like to be slightly quirky or individual about their sense of style and tastes.

The idea of the store, on the whole, is for members to 'Envy' items they particularly like and could potentially buy in the future! For anyone looking at my profile, they would clearly see I like my cute stuff… a lot.

So yes, it seems I am not also hooked on this adorable little site, and I am now also guilty of setting up my own little shop!
Below is a screen shot of my Storenvy, which I named 'All Things Pretty', because I wanted the things that I sell to people to be pretty and carefully made. *smiles* 

For me personally, I like to think of creating these items as a hobby, and if someone likes them enough to buy one, then that is wonderful too. Look at the cupcake, now look at the title, back to the cupcake, like the pun? No? Moving on… *coughs*

Overall, I think that the website is very cute, but (personally) I had some difficultly learning how to set up my own store. I'd definitely advise anyone making a Storenvy to look up the user tips and guides in setting up, coding, etc.

In other news, I am super excited to announce that at some point this month I will be receiving and doing a (one off) review of a glossy box! I have never had a glossy box before, so this will be a new experience for me, and I hope to share this with my readers. 

Happy Wandering!

Emsie xx 


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