Sunday, 23 November 2014

Review | Makeup Revolution 'The Salvation Palettes'

For anyone following me on Instagram they will know that I picked up some Makeup Revolution palettes… yes, plural.

Superdrug was having one of it's three for two deals and who could possibly ignore that kind of deal? It may also have been due to my frustration that the Makeup Revolution website wasn't working and I couldn't buy that Limited Edition Halloween palette… still a bit sad about that actually.

So as a result I ended up ordering three palettes which in retrospect was a little excessive really. I imagine I'll get plenty of use out of them, I do have some qualms with the palettes, which I will explain later. So read on to find out more…

'What You Waiting For?' Palette 
'Girls On Film' Palette 
'Run Boy Run Palette'

One thing I can definitely say is that these palettes have great colours. I'd be lying to say they are as pigmented as I hoped they would be, and I do have to pile on the colour (for some shades) for them to show. Once it's applied the colours are beautiful and there's a great range of shimmers and mattes. The best way I've found so far is to actually apply the colours with the sponges provided, which is something I'm not used to as I've been using makeup brushes for so long, but the colours are far more pigmented this way. I'd advise anyone using these to apply with the sponge and blend with a brush after.

My biggest issue with these palettes is that I hadn't realised they would be reusing some of the same colours in the palettes. If you look in the images above, there are some colours that are exactly the same, which is a shame because that meant I should have just opted for one palette. I hadn't actually realised this because they reorder the colours, so it's difficult to tell. It's a shame, but thankfully I like the colours enough that I don't mind so much. If they are different - which from swabbing, some of them weren't - they could only be minutely so. Others are more drastically different after swabbing (mostly the darker shades).

Aside from a little fallout of powder, I'd say these are a pretty decent quality of eyeshadow, keeping in mind the price for each palette is only £6, so in total I paid £12. I'd definitely say these are worth the price you pay for them, but if you want to grab only one I would strongly recommend seeing if you can test them to see which you prefer. Personally, I prefer the lighter shades as the complement my skin tone the best, and have used 'Girls On Film' the most over the past week. Only time will tell if I like the others more…

With Christmas coming up, I'd definitely consider these as gifts or stocking fillers for those who love playing around with makeup and different looks.

What do you think of the Salvation Palettes? Let me know in the comments below!

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