Thursday, 13 November 2014

Review | Birchbox November 2014

It's the season of chunky jumpers, warm fires and hot chocolate, therefore, this months Birchbox is 'Cosy at Home' and I cannot think of a more perfect theme. 

Normally I'm not a fan of the colder months - or at least being out in them - but I love being inside, eating winter foods, cuddling up to a hot water bottle and drinking tea (practically on tap). Of course, that's not possible being in halls at University, but a girl can dream (Christmas holidays… hurry up?)

Lord & Berry | Mini Bronzer

Full Size | £19

I've never had Lord & Berry products before, but I've definitely heard the name and the reviews. In general, most people find the brand to be amazing so I'm really expecting great things with this bronzer. Strangely, my flatmate and I were given the same bronzer and we are very different skin tones, so I'm interested to see hoe this looks on each of us. 

I can't deny that this is quite an expensive bronzer, and as someone with quite pale skin I find it difficult to find a good bronzer for everyday use (and one that isn't too ridiculously dark!) If all goes well, perhaps I will give you all my findings.

Beauty Protector | Protect & Detangle

Full Size | £14

It's very strange that Birchbox sent me a 'Leave in Conditioner' when I so desperately wanted to try one. My hair has suffered so much since being at University. I don't know if it's my shampoo, the water or how often I've been washing my hair… I get the feeling it's a combination of the three. Either way, this was desperately needed and I definitely noticed an improvement when I spritzed a little of this through damp hair. It might take a few more trials to determine whether I really like it. (But seriously, if anyone know of anything to improve my hair, let me know. This is an SOS, people.)

Weleda | Wild Rose Body Oil

Full Size | £19.95

I've received body oils in the past, and I've given them a go. They probably aren't really my thing. Hair oil? Yes. Body oil? Not so much. I'm the first to admit that I'm pretty lazy and adding oils to your skin is just another step to add to an already lengthy process. 

Saying that, this does smell really nice and I understand why Birchbox sent this out as one of their products this month. Winter symbolises pampering yourself a little (probably to make up for the fact people can't sleep in the sun all day), so I guess if rubbing a little oil on your skin makes you feel better, go for it. It's just not for me. Interestingly, this can actually be used on the face as well. I'm a little apprehensive to try this because it could lead to spots everywhere. So we'll see. 

Dr. Jart+ | V7 Balancing Toner

Full Size | £18 

My first thought? 

It's like science!! 

Yes, I'm that sad. But how cool is that applicator? It's like I'm applying scientific chemicals to my face and I find that pretty cool. I'm not even ashamed. 

Remember the comment above about me being lazy? Well, Birchbox got it right here because apparently this acts as a toner and it moisturises. That's a serious bonus, in my opinion. But I'm lazy and anything that makes my life that little bit easier is always a winner in my books. 

Can I also just point out that Birchbox gave this as a full-sized item? That's pretty generous and I don't know about you guys, but getting full-sized items is like Christmas to me. It's like getting a present from that really cool relative who always knows what to give you. 

English Laundry | Signature For Her

Full Size | £60

When they say 'inspired by classic county gardens', they mean it. This has a strong note of rose (and musk, so says the info card) and reminds me of cozy little cafe's and sipping tea. Honestly, on a student budget, I don't think I'll be splashing out £60 on perfume anytime soon, but for those who love floral scents, definitely try this one out. It's feminine and flowery without the (excuse me) grandmother scent that is sometimes associated with roses. 

Montezuma's | Mini Bar

Full Size | £2.39

I was probably a little too excited by being given chocolate in this box. I don't really eat a lot of chocolate and I can honestly say this stuff was great. I'd have probably been even more excited if it were dark chocolate, but there were no complaints here. The sample was a good size and didn't make me feel like a pig. I think it's probably been a good month since I ate chocolate. I feel my enthusiasm for it is justified…

Overall, this was a great box with some seriously high value products included. I'm really excited to try some of these products out and (perhaps) give some little reviews of the products individually. If there's anything you would like me to comment on further, drop me a comment below! 

Until then xx

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