Thursday, 20 February 2014

Review: Glossybox - February 2014

It's February and that means one theme and one theme only, Valentines Day! With that, the box has been appropriately matched to the day of love (be that for a partner, family member or friend). 

This is probably the best Glossybox I have been given so far. There was so much variety and best of all, mostly full sized items and very few body care products. I was getting really bored of constantly being given sample moisturisers, so this has made a lovely change. I seriously hope that Glossybox keep this up. I'd considered stopping my subscription, but now I'm having second thoughts...

List of products included (4/5 full sized - impressive!)

The box had a lovely lipstick print theme, I believe to go with the competition being held. Postcards were sent with the boxes and can be kissed and friends/lovers/family can be tagged to win a £1000 holiday - very cool! In addition to this, there was the usual cards with descriptions, names and prices of products. 

Eldora - Eyelashes

The first item in the box was a pretty set of fluttery lashes from Eldora. These were the 'Professional Brand' of my box and are handmade, which makes them feel much more cared for than many of the other false eyelash brands. Although I am no expert on false eyelashes, these really look lovely.

I took a quick look at Eldora's website and there's a massive range of eyelashes. For me personally, I would have loved to of seen some 'dolly styled' lashes. These are certainly pretty, but definitely not something wearable for everyday (for me) and I expect will be used the next time I go out. These eyelashes were one of the cheapest items in the box at £3.90, which is certainly cheaper than many other brands. Their quality remains to be seen, but I hope that a chance to used them will arrive soon.

Nougat London - Sparkling Body Shimmer

My very first thought was that this would be lovely on the décolletage (upper part of torso) area. Body shimmer isn't something I'd often have in my makeup supplies so I was excited to see something I wouldn't typically pick up in stores, in my box. I find getting a Glossybox opens my mind up about products and makes me reconsider what I really find 'worth it'. 

Ohh~ sparkles~

This was the only non-full sized product in the box, but I was happy with the amount given as I feel that 100ml is very likely enough to decide whether it's good enough to purchase more. For those of you interested, a full sized bottle is 250ml for £14. One thing I can say about this is it really smells lovely. The scent is of cherry blossoms and the shimmer left behind isn't 'in your face', so would be great at accentuating areas like collar bones or legs. One possible negative is, however, this probably wouldn't be great for those who are sensitive to scented products, so be careful on that front.

Ciaté London - Paint Pot

Ahh, the 'Cult' product of the box. Ciaté is indeed a very well known brand of nail varnish and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who had never even seen a picture of a bottle. They are famous, though I cannot comment on their reliability. As I have mentioned (and complained) in many blog posts, I cannot wear nail varnishes because of the harsh chemicals, but I think this time I might actually make an exception. *gasps* I know. I know what you're thinking: 

'Don't be so crazy, Emily!' But it's true. I really would like to try this nail varnish so I am trying to make my nails strong so hopefully soon I can paint my nails (and stop complaining). 

£9 for 13.5ml - Pretty, but expensive.

The packaging of the Ciaté nail varnishes are simple, but absolutely lovely. Of course, the colour I was given was red because, well, Valentines. 

It was also the product I actually knew I would get, as it was advertised on the Glossybox website (though I believe not for people in Ireland? People of Ireland, do tell me what you received - I am interested!) Overall, pretty happy with this one and I'm really hoping I can get my nails strong enough to wear it. Otherwise I know very well my sister will grab for it.

Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe - Stick It Up Gum

All I can say with this one is I am so glad I didn't buy it in Boots the other day because as luck would have it, I got Toni & Guys stick it up gum in my Glossybox. This is considered the 'Backstage Favourite' of the box and comes in with a price tag of £7.20. Fairly pricy for some, but the name makes me confident it should be a great product. Fingers crossed. 

My hair will be electrifying… *coughs*

I'm really excited to try this, though it may take some figuring out for me as my hair is no longer very textured… 

Either way, I'm really glad to have been given another full sized product (this one is 90ml). It really gives me the confidence my money isn't being wasted on silly little testers, but on items that are fun, interesting and new for me to try.

Maybelline New York - ColorSensational Stripped Nudes Lipstick

The final makeup product I got in my Glossybox was this lovely Maybelline lipstick. I actually knew what make this was simply by the smell of the lipstick. Anyone who owns a Maybelline lipstick will know that they smell of Playdoh. Not the best smell to give a lipstick and I'd definitely suggest Maybelline work on that because it's a serious off put. 

Anyway. Mine was in the shade 757 Naked Brown and when I tried it on and went to show my sister her reaction was something along the lines of 'oh my god, that looks amazing, can I have it?' My answer? No, she can't - sorry (not sorry).

I actually have a lipstick from Maybelline so I can already say that I rather like them overall. The prices are good (£6.99), but they could be a little more long-lasting. 

I do wonder though, if these are meant to be 'nude' shades whether I should have been given a lighter shade. I love that it is bold, don't get me wrong, but for me, a subtle shade would be a pale pink or something similar. When I think of Valentines I somehow picture a girly but natural look, which this lipstick doesn't really suggest. But who knows? Either way, I'm happy I was given a lipstick (finally) and it's a colour I would have never chosen - but I love - so that has given me the chance to try something new. *smiles*

The Add On: Lindt - Lindor Treat Bar

I definitely did not expect to get a sixth item, but thank you, Glossybox, yes I do love chocolate. I shared this with my mum and sister though~ and they loved it. 

nom nom nom

Lucky for me this is one of my favourite types of chocolate ^^ *grins* 

ta dah~!

So that was my Glossybox this month and I can safely say this is the best box I have ever had. If this is to continue *touches wood* I will be a very happy subscriber. I'm ecstatic to have been given so many wonderful products and really look forward to next months box. 

What did you think of this months Glossybox? Was it better or worse than previous months and what do you hope to see in future? 

~ Emily ~